8 thoughts on “The Sheepranos

  1. My internet just failed me and just wanted to talk about Sopranos instead of Sheepranos … :)

    May I ask the meaning of that mysterious sequence of letters?

    1. Oh, I’m always glad when someone catch my references XD
      For the way the leader posed it seemed the boss of a family. It was in the way to a marble quarry at 3825 metres of altitude.

  2. I love sheep, FR… even though I’m a January Cappy gal, my mama(RIP) used to call me “cordera”(lamb!) as I was fair-haired during my childhood and later, I turned into “ovejita”…:-)

    1. Sounds like you were a very kind little girl ^_^, My parents didn’t give me nicks but I think they could called me “little demon” or “trouble-maker” XD

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