6 thoughts on “Frozen moon

  1. tu es un vrai poète, FR…
    * * *
    beyond time and space boundaries, lack and physical absence turn into stardust… hearts beat alike, whilst minds are connected by a permanent flame that lights up the galaxy of eternal love… I still exist in your eyes watching over me from dawn to dusk…
    * * *
    “Quand je manque de toi – whenever I miss you
    Je manque de tout: – I miss everything:
    De mon air, de mon ciel, – my air, my sky,
    De tout l’essentiel – all that is vital
    Qui remplit ma vie… – and fills up my life…”(Garou)

    1. Tu es un vrai poème, madame Mélanie n_n; thanks for your, beautiful as always, translation of a song sung with so much passion.
      Yesterday was your b-day, exactly one month after my father (both have the same age now) I’m sure it was a great day with your family and if it was a good party I’ll know reading the societé section of Le Figaro, and if it was extraordinary then I’ll know reading the police notes. In any case thanks for be here, best wishes from Peru :-)

      1. merci, but PLEASE, don’t call me “madame Mélanie”, it’s kinda pejorative, so Mélanie or Mrs B are just fine…:-)
        * * *
        I never read Le Figaro, it’s a right-wing journal… Le Monde & Huffington Post are my cups of green tea.:-)

        best wishes from Francia!;-)

      2. Je suis désolé, it was my ignorance speaking :S, I’ll not forget about the use of madame, and well, I’m apolitical but also I’ll be more careful.
        Take care so much Mélanie, thanks for do my day richer in knowledge.

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