Mythological horse race at twilight

mythological horse race at twilight

See! shapes in the light…

In the boundaries of dream and night an electric cave painting made before the time of the first horse riders.

Free spirits made of light; flying, running, shinning a millisecond before you wake up.

A time of primitive gods yelling with thunders.

A time of horses.

8 thoughts on “Mythological horse race at twilight

    1. I searched his name in Google but without success. Anyway he has to have an interesting oeuvre to draw your attention and I’ll search more :-)
      When I do these kind of photographs I try to get the mood of the Peruvian painter Fernando de Szyszlo, specially his paintings about the sea.

      1. He is a born Pakistani, living in Germany quite long, if I remember correct. I visited one of his famous shows in the Hilton-Hotel in Frankfurt/Main during the 1980ies.

      1. I’d buy you a field of horses in a meadow of Icelandic beauty if I could :-)
        But I’m quite poor Mélanie, I couldn’t afford a single pass for the events of these horses :S

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