Juliaca: the ugliest place on Earth (tribute)

road to the clouds across the hills and the forest

That’s what people in Peru says about my city. That it’s the ugliest city in Peru and a stinky hole. I couldn’t say if that’s true because I don’t know every city in Peru. Also is true that I respect the freedom of speech and if some people says that I’m not going to be violent, just I would ask for reasons for that affirmation and I’ll give my reasons what I think that couldn’t be totally true.

I love my city in the Andean Plateau with the stars so close as you can only see at 3,825 metres or 12,549 ft above the sea level; the sacred hills with our Apus with thousands of years of uninterrupted veneration; the clouds so close that you can see ephemeral landscapes in its shapes with the naked eye; the meadows with the blue and yellow flowers exploding in summer; the snow in winter and the hidden rocks and sources of water under their roots.

Of course I dislike the violence of the society, usually from newcomers from the near countryside or criminals from the capital in the coast; and the lack of urban beauty that I guess it’s due to the lack of education and the uses from people that before were in the open fields and don’t understand that to live in the city requires another mind. But also is truth that there is a certain racism from the westerner coast that would like that we were just peasants giving tribute to them so the city is like an offense to their ideas of superiority. I think in the coast as a place freeze in 1920, lol.

In the end I accept that Juliaca is ugly but comparing with the other cities I know I wouldn’t say it’s the ugliest. And it has places that I love. The hills in the photograph are at five minutes walking from my own home with the old forest and the hills now, sadly, with projects of urban development that, I’m sure, aren’t going to be in harmony with the surroundings.

21 thoughts on “Juliaca: the ugliest place on Earth (tribute)

  1. Twice I visited Bergen, Norway. Each time it was raining. I asked someone living there it rains all the time. They said they didn’t know because they had only lived there for 40 years. lol
    With something like beauty, who can say if it exists or not except the one with the eyes?

    1. haha, funny XD
      In some program in discovery channel I remember that according to psychological studies the mind always can find beauty in the environment where the person grow up. Always is true about the beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Norway has to be terribly beautiful with its fjords.

    1. Yes, I guess there is a part of superficiality. And I’m open to critics, actually I respect critics to build something better, but more than adjectives I think reasons are much more valuable for a self-criticism.
      In this case I accept that to others it’s ugly, but that word alone to me don’t say nothing usable to change for better. I’d love to hear “it’s ugly because the vial system isn’t connected” or “it’s ugly because the residues management isn’t complete”, without reasons I see it just as some kind of blind hate.
      Thanks for your visit herr Salva :-)

      1. I second 100 per cent.

        Juts claiming is nothing, Period.

        Its reason which enables man to compete, accept challenges and even self-reflection. That is why it is so important.

        But even then, just saying: I think this is ugly”, basically constitutes nothing more than a mere reflection of whatever shaped that person’s mind and experiences.

        Thus, speaking should not become thoughtless, in my opinion. :)

  2. Who says that it’s the ugliest place on earth? Both your photo and your tribute are lovely. Best wishes!

    1. Thanks ^_^, I’m glad you find beauty in it. Actually the people who say it are mainly from Lima, the capital. In tv shows, reportages and a bit more and they publish it in Wikipedia, lol. Of course I would be in a blindly love if I’d say it’s a nice city, it’s just as any, Peruvian, city, with bad and nice sides.
      I choose the title as a reference to Tenacious D, “the best song in the world (tribute)”

  3. I recently went to Perú and in our way to Puno we passed through Juliaca and yes, there are parts that might not seem beautiful to your eyes but I believe there’s more of Juliaca than what I saw while going to Puno and while coming back to the airport. My travel mate had told me that Juliaca is not a beautiful city therefore we would not tourist in there but in my defense I told him there must be at least something to there and I started looking for things to do and places to visit on the internet, to my disgrace I barely found two places which pictures didn’t encourage me to stay in Juliaca, still, I’m sure I didn’t see enough to determine this city’s beauty nor do I know every Peruvian city. Also, I have seen ugly places as well, in my country (Panama) for example.
    I loved the little Peru that I got to visit though. Regards :)

    1. Thank you, Inese. I think it is lovely, and we have to make it more beautiful than we received it from our elders, specially in public works infrastructure.

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