Stubborn heartbeat in an old body

Stubborn heartbeat in and old body

I almost hear a distant rumble in my centre. Resounding deep and far in this museum of memories that is my flesh.

I wonder if it were you, that little being playing with great energy across a vast world of ruined stones.

4 thoughts on “Stubborn heartbeat in an old body

    1. hehe, I’d love to say that I visited once a place from the Roman Empire but the truth is that I never went beyond Peru and closer places in Chile and Bolivia.
      The building is a colonial basilica cathedral from seventeenth century in Arequipa city modified by an architect from there in nineteenth century (after an earthquake) in neo-gothic and neo-classic style, it’s built with sculpted white volcanic rock. I love contrasts of old and new for that I arranged the traffic light in the composition.

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