When child I met some people, not human but apparently humans. They could walk in our world but they sometimes were so old, or so little, never completely human, to my despair nobody else seemed to have answers because when I pointed to them they had already vanished. Then I tried to talk to them… they never spoke. I understood that they lived among us but never with us.

So many years later I saw them but not so much really, internet, work and daily life distract the mind, but they are here. Today the rain and the work weight like an elephant on my shoulders. I sleep. I don’t want to sleep so much and I start to dream that I’m waking up, but there’re noises, An open door? I cannot move, suddenly at both sides of my bed there are three little non-humans, staring, the damned never speak, never, they just see and in my revenge I decide to gaze back into them, because we also have to be strange to them with the shape of our teeth, nails, brown skin and big eyes. I dream that I wake up from that nightmare, rings the phone (Who uses a phone these days?) and a distant voice yell several times “Who is it?!, Who is it?!…” I ask him if he can hear me, but he just repeat his question as a litany. Then I understand that the voice is not human, it’s closer but not enough, usually I’d be in silence to discover more clues but I know I’m in danger, they never speak and I can feel if they discover my name, if I say my name, they’re going to have a power on me. I hang up the phone right away. I wake up, again.

Now I know I’m awake. I can’t get a sense of those dreams. The house is dark like in those times when the country was in war and we only had candles. Then I heard it, boxes falling, the telephone ringing (Who uses a phone these days?), I know they are closer and they’re not going to speak. I’ve no fury nor fear, but I know that nobody, human or not, is going to make decisions for me, I’m ready to fight them, it would be better for them to speak. This time is not going to be a third awakening.