The black lover of the colorful meadows

Garden is my album of photographs of flowers and related to them. Actually not always in gardens, they can be in sunny forests or grey fissures in the concrete.

An invitation to enter

A kiss in orange

Black and yellow uniform


Bolivian meadow

Exploding roses

Little and soft sun

An artificial flower among natural ones

Where did I leave my wallet?

For the lady that never came for them

Time to sleep my dear


16 thoughts on “Garden

    1. Hi Wanda. They are from the four stations. I’m so happy that you like them :-)
      A big thanks, a warm greeting, a strong hug and a lot of kisses from Peru,

    1. I’m glad at least one person notice them. I love to read your haikus and learning from your articles, they also inspire me to found the mot juste in the moment to write. Thanks very much, best whishes from Peru.

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