9 thoughts on “Roads

    1. Hi Wanda. my dear friend. I read your last post and I felt it like a farewell. If I read it well I think it’s to get the balance and don’t end with chains. That’s good, I also take my time away of routines.
      In any case you have in me, in Peru, someone who loves your presence, your words, your smile and your kind spirit; even if you wouldn’t come back to publish I’ll never forget you so you are never going to be away of my appreciation that in this virtual world always was real for you.
      Take care so much, I wish you the best for you and your family, a warm hug Wanda, be happy :-)

  1. Looks like frozen water. I see a little bit of blue water on the bottom left side. But, I could be totally wrong, Anyhow, nicely done and I like the monochrome touch. I wish you a nice weekend.

    1. Thanks Reinhold, Nice weekend to you too. The monochrome touch is natural, I don’t use selective colors or similar tools :-) It’s part of a machine (an square with sides of 2.5 meteres with a black tube where the water circulate) to use passively solar energy to warm the water; it’s quite simple so it’s done in a local industry in the city. The blue part is the metallic base but the light of the condensed water in the top glass given to it interesting effects.

    1. That would be nice. The R1 is an old camera but it can print quite well till A3 (at least I printed in that size) perhaps with upscale software and proper raw conversion it could be more. Thanks for the compliment James, best regards sir.

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