Market day

market day


The lady is walking to the market. I know because all the ladies in Juliaca use those bags except in malls where the staff is trained to give you disposables plastic bags. I guess is more environmental friendly to use bags you just can reutilize.

The potatoes are bought in pounds with the help of little roman balances. I don’t know why we use in some things the imperial system , perhaps from the times when Englishmen built the trains and introduced that style of hats used also for the lady in the picture. To the most of things we use the efficient metric system and for some, like measurement of fields, our own measurement units.

Speaking about the train also is true that the Inca Empire was criticized because there was no vehicles with wheels. Actually when Spaniards came, and also during the Republic until the train, the wheel wasn’t massively used because our hard topography. I understand llamas and mules were more important to the transport of goods.