Two skies

two skies

This is a nice place in Puno city, it’s a dock owned by José Antonio hotel. The staff was kind to allow me to see the landscape there despite to be just a pedestrian. I didn’t say that I publish my photographs so they did it wholeheartedly.

As usual in Tuesday I’ll publish a longer post with more pics ;-)

10 thoughts on “Two skies

    1. Hallo Reinhold, yes, it’s the lake Titicaca in the part of Puno bay. Actually it’s contaminated but far from the city the waters are cleaner as in the photograph. The plants in the lake are called totora, that have uses as food (it’s almost candy), and to build the several artificial islands (the cut totora generate gases that allow it to make float the handmade islands, I took some photos and posted here ) and ships that Uros and Aymaras after them use to live and to transport. Nice week Reinhold, thanks for your visit.

      1. Very interesting link to stunning photos and an entertaining storyline. It was a great pleasure reading your post this morning. All the best Francis. Have a nice week.

    1. Oh, but I’m afraid that I could travel to there but without know if they would like it, they have professional photographs in their web and besides is part of a chain of hotels; I wouldn’t know with whom I’d to talk, I just asked permission from a person in the door that seemed to supervise the other personal.
      Even worse I don’t see me in that hotel because usually I just use hostels of three dollars the night XD
      Hoping you are having a great time with your family, I know you are busy these days ;-)

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