(The tittle is of course a reference to Gulliver’s Travels by Swift)

It took me a few days but I got to move thousands of photographs from my Smugmug account to Flickr. Smugmug is a nice and capable service but my resources are these times a bit more limited so I was worried to get in problems in the future and have a blog full of white boxes instead of photographs. So, being here or not, the photographs are going to stay.

To me it’s more comfortable to have my photographs in an online storage service because this way I don’t fill my storage limit in WordPress, for example with thousands of posts I just occupy approximately 17 megabytes of 3000 megabytes allowed to my free account because the photographs here are more links to previously Smugmug and now Flickr, otherwise my photographs use to weight between 5 to 15 megabytes so in less of a year I would be reached my limit. Besides I saw that my photographs are reproduced with high quality from Flick so it’s actually quite good. My thanks to Smugmug service. If you reader would ask if one is better than the other I’d say that Smugmug is nicer to arrange and customize your galleries, excellent support and it seems safer to protect your photographs; Flickr is nicer to have more exposure and it’s free, sometimes that alone can weight a lot when you aren’t a professional photographer, just a guy with a camera.

The other task was to replace the photographs uploaded to Smugmug account in WordPress (I’ve almost finished it) with the same photographs but uploaded to Flickr so you are not going to notice a change ;-)

8 thoughts on “Yahoo!

    1. Hello Reinhold. Yes, it’s possible but it’s a bit slow. I used the “edit” option in every post, after that I deleted the image from the first account and I pasted manually the image from the other account. I couldn’t find an automatic way to change every image but yes, comments, likes and everything is conserved.
      It took me two weeks upload the galleries to flickr and replacing every photograph, I’ve posted since a year ago in a daily basis with a weekly long post. In your case it wouldn’t take so much time. Thanks for your interest Reinhold, hoping everything is ok there, if you would have more questions I’ll be glad to answer them accord to my little experience.

  1. Thanks for the tips! I’ve been looking for a good online storage service for my photos because I’ve heard horror stories about backup hard drives. All the best :)

    1. I’m glad this data is useful for you Melissa, you have wonderful photos around the world and it would be nice if they would be safe, I lost thousands of photographs when the hard disk of my laptop died (with several works…)
      Take care so much,

  2. I have more or less left flickr, and use Ipernity instead which is a lot like the old style flickr. Still love the look of my Smugmug, and use it for my best photo’s, also I limit my uploaded pics to 1MB when on wordpress so I can go on til I’m decrepit. :)

    1. Looks interesting (although I was tempted to write “Ipervity” :D) but I already had a flickr account from years ago when I opened and almost didn’t use yahoo. And I’m not sure to retag and rename everyone of my photographs again, although I did that in the metadata of the last original archives. I used at first migrator program but it was a hassle so in the end I migrated everything by my hand.
      hmmm, sunday reports for several years with 1 mb. Said that we never going to be decrepit, just we’re going to turn into “classics” ;-)
      Thanks for show me your Smugmug profile, you have an astonishing portfolio and if you love your Nikon then I see that your Nikon loves you too, wonderful images and memories.

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