10 thoughts on “Chanson pour une dame absente

    1. Hello Reinhold, the boat has written “GERMANY CONST.” There was nobody to ask the why, and to me it was a surprise to have found the name Germany in a lagoon in my country at 4174 metres of altitude, so the name to me is a riddle too. Perhaps was bought by a descendant of Siegfried searching in our lands das Rheingold :D or who knows, it looked well constructed, perhaps it’s not just a name but a real German boat because it’s different to the ones constructed in our coast (we also have thousands of years of maritime tradition) and usually the boats here are called Eva, Sofía, or girl names. Kind regards hoping everything is better,

      1. Hello Francis, thanks for your detailed answer.
        Today I had my 3 injection. So far no positive reaction of my shoulder, arm and hand. This week is #7 with pain killers and no arm to use for working on my Mac, taking photos or play on my guitar. My wife helps me a lot doing all the things I like to do. I guess I have to go to a hospital for a few days and have my cervical spine being fixed. I am not very brave when it comes to that kind of operation. But anything is better than the current situation. No retread, no surrender. Alles wird gut. Reinhold 😊

  1. où est la chanson, FR?…:-)
    * * *
    The illusion of a dream built in sand and finally gone with an indifferent wind… – l’illusion d’un rêve bâti dans le sable et parti définitivement avec un vent impartial…:-)

    1. Trés beau Mélanie ^_^ I feel flattered for your translation, I always see colors as melodies, sunsets are like violins, sunrises like drums, night like xylophones and days like orchestras.
      Take care so much,

      1. Is she (I deleted the link for privacy) I hope she is doing well, she’s absent because she’s in a place without internet, and I’m sure she’ll find people that is going to love her so much (hmm, I dislike the fact that in English love is a generic word, in Spanish Amar is quite different from Querer but in English they’ve just To Love)

    1. Yes, that’s a cool function of my camera, the screen is top mounted so I can use it as a waist level viewfinder. Who knows, perhaps the boat is used by the owners in the weekends, otherwise would be a waste to have a pretty boat in an amazing lagoon. Thanks for the kindness.

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