… of light, of water, of stones. A little scar growing in the body of a planet.

I shot it this place a pair of years ago and then although I loved the colors I got I found that I couldn’t get the colors of the sunsets or the light turned into white without the details I saw with my eyes. So I saved to got another camera, the one I use these days, although older with a better response to the intense colors of the sky in dusk and dawn. But aside of that I think I have no changed my style of shooting that basically is a help to remember what I see with my eyes of chocolate :P

4 thoughts on “Streams

      1. Dark chocolate indeed :-), my grandfather has grey-green eye and father has light brown but mine are the usual in Peru. Yours are beautiful and exotic O.O (I saw them in your beautiful text to the green) Thanks Mélanie :-)

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