15 thoughts on “Soft end

      1. I don’t smoke since years ago, and when I smoked was just a little socially years ago, actually that and the drinks are a reason I don’t see classmates from university anymore :-)

      2. haha, yes, it seems a dreamy place the highway with those cigars XD, a bit more and the painters stamp the brand, lol
        I’m still getting used to flickr, but well :-)

      1. There is so much love in your words when you talk about kisses, and culture, thanks for the references Mélanie, I stood amazed that a little word could inspire so much knowledge ^_^

      2. “memento mori, carpe diem et gaudeamus igitur!” – remember you’ll die, live up this very day and therefore, let’s enjoy it to the fullest!”:-)
        * * *
        “Love is life. And if you miss love, you miss life…”(Leo Buscaglia)
        * * *
        “AMOUR – unique VIE en ce monde…”(Anne Hébert)
        * * *
        “Les adultes qui ne jouent plus ont perdu l’enfant qui vivait en eux et qui leur manquera à jamais…” – “Adults who don’t play anymore have lost the kid who used to live inside them and they’ll miss ‘it’ forever…”(Pablo Neruda)

      3. And of course it’s Le Petit Prince ;-) Actually this post was because a boy kissed the girl I appreciate, I tried to feel happiness for her (to have someone that can give her affection and caress) but instead I feel a bit not so happy. Well, c’est la vie. Happy weekend my friend from la ville rose :-)

  1. Aaaah the storm of emotions when you are trying to be happy for someone while your heart is breaking….I know it well.

    1. Emotions than in life we feel from the opposite sides, sometimes we are the ones that other wants to be happy; your need for a way to say no make me guess that you are leaving broken hearts (heart’s purée?) in our country :-)

      1. Not at all!! My difficulty is in saying “no” at work. I’m surrounded by young people. They see me as an “auntie”, which is fine….no “heart’s puree” :)

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