Tree winning the race

The tree is winning

Inner tranquility to pass obstacles. Yesterday I had to save data in a CD for a customer and I was in a hurry, the young lady in a public cabin was nervous to do it fast but she erased the data. I just smiled her and said her that she should do it again calmer. She get to do it and I went to leave the data with the customer. I’m sure it would be needed more time if I had been nervous too.

11 thoughts on “Tree winning the race

  1. You always seem to be a man of inner tranquility, Francis. My proof: your photography, your words, your posts. A gentlemen with high creativity. Take care, Reinhold

    1. Thanks Reinhold, but I’m afraid that in part it’s because I tend to choose my words when I write so I could be different in real life, where I’m maybe a bit conflictive. I’ve the impression that you’re a person with a curiosity for beauty, as your photographs and your talents with guitar, writing, and the places you’ve travelled makes me think. In my career there is a lot of stress so I try to don’t lose the perspective of things.
      Thanks for the kind comment and compliments, take care Reinhold, best wishes,

  2. Being nervous never helps, but something, it’s difficult to do otherwise… with time and practise, you can find this inner calm I suppose (I haven’t found it yet ;-))

    1. I haven’t found it yet neither; but my work is related to construction so is good advice to don’t fall in despair. Curiously know that I think it the places you visit are usually peaceful, or perhaps I loved so much the frozen places with forests and wooden cabs :-)

    1. errr… gulp! I’d like to say that I have it, but actually I try to have it. Usually I’m a volcano XD Thanks for your words kind lady.

  3. It does look like the tree is running, doesn’t it? I’ve found that it’s too hard to have inner tranquility when your emotions run to extremes. The best I can do is fake it.

    1. Exactly! I love when my intention is discovered so a big thanks ;-) Fake it is a way to get to there imho. Besides a life without emotions can be a sad one. My tranquility sense just is activated in quite stressful situations. Kind regards Melissa :-)

      1. Tell me about it- I spent yesterday morning trying to teach the word “hello” to a group of three year olds who had just started going to school and were suffering from separation anxiety. Here’s my silent scream XO

      2. They’ve a teacher with a kind smile. Although three years seems to me a bit too early I’m sure they soon will be happy to go to school and to say “Hello miss Melissa!” ;-).

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