The night of an almost blind guy

sleeping at the end of sunset street


It’s probably one of my most difficult posts because I can’t see very well what I’m doing XD. Yesterday one of my eyeglasses fell to the floor and broke in little pieces. Although I can live, more or less without glasses my sight is similar to the photograph. I went to an optical laboratory to get a cheap replacement. There is no much difference in common tasks with or without glasses, I use much the sense of touch, the marks in letters ¨F¨ and ¨J¨, the mark in the number ¨5¨, the dials in my cameras, my designs are built in my mind.. Sometimes I wonder if my photographs looks like quite unfocused or soft, or perhaps with colors quite brilliant and saturated, or if the could have any meaning to me if I couldn´t see them. I think it happened due to my abuse when child to see the Sun.

But I don´t feel bad for my poor sight, I think I got to see so much unforgettable beauty:

  • When baby the rain in the calamine and the little and old wooden window in the adobe wall with the light of a thunder.
  • When I was a little kid the forests with oranges and the wild gardens in a dream where I regularly come back until know.
  • A cloud in an afternoon that changed in so many colors with the sunsetthat every second it seemed a new cloud exploding in tones I’d never seen.
  • In a hospital, when I was a boy before an operation, a girl with naked legs and a thick wool sweater and I thought that the contrast of her soft tanned skin with the rustic sweater was quite beautiful.
  • After the summer rains a sudden waterfall with blue flowers in the countryside of the Andean plateau.
  • The fields of infinite yellow flowers.
  • A girl from New York that made amazing earrings and jewelry but she was the most beautiful of the jewels, a lady with a beauty I´ve never seen because (and in this list she is the only one) I met her just once in a social network. A soft gold in her hair, ruby lips, emerald eyes and a delicate face dreamt in white jade.
  • Eyes seeing me in absorbed silence.
  • Books like the Divine Comedy with Doré engravings and the complete works of Borges.
  • A rock sculpted with exact measurements and technical perfection in Qosqo (Cuzco)

I don´t know if sometime the night will fall completely, what I know is that I feel fortunate for have seen what I have seen; if the eyes have to close then they have to close. There is no more.