Walking the yellow fields of Santa Lucía and meeting a Red God

Taking a bath


A week ago I wrote you about Lagunillas lagoon. I just was there an hour and decided to walk following the highway in route to Santa Lucía city, this is in Lampa Province, Puno Region, in the highlands of the Peruvian Southeast at 4025 metres above sea level (13 205 feet) Usually foreigners, in special from Europe, suffer the high altitude, I born there so my case is the opposite, I suffer the heat and dense humidity of the coast XP. This is what I found:

Yellow fields and waterfalls with ice

Last End

last end

If you want to know what feels to be the last woman or man on Earth walk the highway in the highlands.

alphabet of circles

alphabet of circles

The lagoon was already an old memory.

Bonded to the earth

bonded to the earth

Sweet and tough home

sweet and tough home

Stones and ice

stones and ice

In the photograph above you can see the summer in the highlands, it’s not hot, it’s cold, just not so much as in July when is winter. Even more you can see an ice block in the lower left of the waterfall upon a rock.

Take a seat and see


Hidden door to a hidden kingdom

hidden door to a hidden realm

After four hours walking I confess I felt tired. So much that I couldn’t notice the person above the hill seeing me. Can you see him/her? Here is a crop:

I can see you

I can seee youu

But I was far from my goal so I keep moving my legs.

The Forgotten Red God in the Green Pastures

shadow in green frame

shadow in green frame

Then the landscape changed and I was in a wilder world of green pastures where live the wild vicuñas, pumas and tarucas (north Andean deer) I just could see a taruca but it ran so fast behind a hill so I couldn’t shot him with my camera (although my stomach asked me to change from hungry walker/photographer to a happy hunter)

it's cold come here

it’s cold, come here

Cloud in love of rocks

a cloud about to tickle the hill

Usually in Peru the rocks with peculiar shapes on hills are venerated and cared by communities since thousand of years. Fortunately this rock is virgin so there weren’t persons who could see me with distrust (they don’t want to understand that I visit places just because those places inspire me the desire to go) It was the end of the afternoon so I went quickly before the night when I should to walk next to the highway.



soft sun in the meadow of long shadows

soft sun in the meadow of long shadows

cloud landing in solitary meadows

cloud landing in solitary meadows

Hidden mushroom

hideaout for a mushroom

blood requiem

blood requiem



If I remember well I think that presence of aluminum give that reddish tone to the rocks.

Son of Atlas

son of Atlas

Red Soldier in eternal watch

red soldier in eternal watch

citadel of mythic ages

citadel of mythic ages

Gelid blue and Silent red

gelid blue and silent red

lines of light

lines of light

And well, this is enough for today. Beyond these rocks I had to continue the highway, but I’ll post that final part in the next week if your patience is still with me ;-)

Kiss (volcanic)

kiss (volcanic)

23 thoughts on “Walking the yellow fields of Santa Lucía and meeting a Red God

    1. Thanks Reinhold :-) since kid I always saw those places from the window of a bus and until January I just could fulfill my wish to walk around there. I’ve other travel for other part of the highway, perhaps in a month. Hopping you are feeling better, Francis.

      1. Still fighting, Francis. But every virtual journey through your beautiful country helps a lot to direct my brain into a different direction. Thanks for that. I will keep on rolling, Reinhold :-)

  1. I love this walkabout with you Francis, the little house is so cute, and the red rocks are indeed venerable. Spooky to have that man on the hill watching you though! It must have taken a great long time to do this walk.

    1. Oh, that man is a shepherd I think, That was a reason to walk near to the highway, to don’t cross private property. Actually I was walking that day near midday in Lagunillas lagoon until more or less eight in the night. But in the last part of the day I was already tired to take photographs so the last part is going to be shorter :-) I see the road in google maps and it was approximately 24 kilometers. Thanks for coming with me in this virtual walk ;-)

    1. My camera, oldie but still cool, has a top mounted screen, those shots at ground level are a peace of cake. I’ll visit forests of rocks, I don’t know why but I hope you’ll be still here (visiting the blog I mean xD) to see them. ^^

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