6 thoughts on “Before the long night

  1. I did a lot of street photography 2 years ago. I used my X100. Silent, small, not really obvious to the people. It could be tricky to take photos of people early in the morning or late at night (in certain areas of Frankfurt city – where I lived at that point in time -). I love street and I like this one. A lot of atmosphere. Nice weekend, Francis.

    1. Thanks Reinhold, I did too street photography two years ago, but when I changed my compact camera for a big Sony R1 it was clear street photography was not more in my horizons. Actually I compose with people to give scale or to give some context. Thanks for your kind visit :-) Francis.

    1. Oh, that orange cast of the artifical lights, it’s quite strong XP! I’ve to be careful with the white balance to reduce to the maximum to show natural colors but not so much that the artificial atmosphere is lost. Thanks ^_^

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