chomp, chomp!

chomp, chomp!


Days ago a kind lady whose Sunday reports really rocks said me that she would like to see more of the blue sky in the photo of a gargoyle. So I thought it would be nice to put another one that I took that day ;-)

2 thoughts on “chomp, chomp!

  1. Thanks Francis, it is lovely, the carvings on the wall next to the Gargoyle are very interesting, reminds me of Roman/Greek temples, but obviously can’t be, that little face is definitely not european. Love it, you must tell me about this building sometime. :) (as you’re in the mood for requests :D )

    1. Hello ^_^, this is inside a bank in Arequipa city, in a desert in the Peruvian south (usually always there is a bright and oppressive sun with a blue sky) it was built in 1738 when Peru was a Spanish colony. Then the style was a mixture of European (the proportions and spaces) with native (ornamentation and gods and flowers) blended (Greek gods with Catholic symbols and natives Lords of Power)
      I’m quite sure that the house had several colors but now usually they have not paint, I like them more like that because they looks more elegant and classic :-)
      But well, the tube in the mouth of the gargoyle has to be of this year, I thought it looked funny because it seems like somebody force the gargoyle to eat it XD
      And the name of the house is “Casa Tristán del Pozo¨ ;-)

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