Santa Lucía: The Lonely Walk of a Tired Man at the End of the Sunset

long sunset

long sunset

This is the last part, the third, about Santa Lucía. The first part begun in Lagunillas lake, the second was till red rocks and the last part is at the end of the sunset.

There are no much photos at the end, I was tired because my digital camera and my metallic film camera weighted a ton and I considered that accord to the distance to Santa Lucía city it would be dangerous to take more photographs. So I just keep walking a distance approximate of 24 kilometers (14.9 miles) fortunately in the fresh summer of the highlands that’s not a problem; the problem was that my shoes apparently were smaller than my feet (I bought them in internet) and the weight of the cameras and tripod. So now I replaced the big film camera for a compact and plastic one. I love to walk and see, photography is just a register about what I see.

So… let’s see the pics ;-)

Let's build another Tibet

let’s build another Tibet

I guess that town is a place for exploration of minerals or something like that.

a land so high to touch the sky

a land so high you can touch the sky

Here I was descending a hill, quickly, the sun was setting so I wouldn’t have much time before the night.

Points of yellow in a black line

yellow points marching through black asphalt

A shadow hugging the hill

a shadow hugging the hill

two houses in conflict

two houses in conflict

Long kilometres in the highway

long kilometers in the highway

I found the blue flowers of my childhood when I walked also the countryside, they’re lavenders, Aren’t they?

Warm light and blue flowers

warm light and blue flowers

I was lost, I felt a bit of cold and decided to rest so took the following photographs without shoes and lying in the ichu (the yellow grass) and my head in a big rock.

last thoughts of a moribund

last thoughts of a moribund (published before)

The place where giants play with rocks

the place where giants play with rocks

Caressing fingers

caressing fingers

And that was my last photo. I recovered the blood in my members so I felt again the warm weather. I was walking some hours more in the highway. Somebody that transported employers to a mine help me in the last kilometers so it was a good decision to stop to take photographs but I could lost more hours. I saw marvelous things in the night, sadly there was no way to photograph without have risked my possibility to arrive to the city, but always there are second chances ;-)

The last light before the night

the last light before the night