11 thoughts on “I gave you every one of my leaves

  1. once again you prove you’re a genuine poet, FR…

    je t’ai donné toutes mes feuilles
    et à présent
    je n’ai plus rien…
    * * *
    those hydrangeas are still very nice…:-)

    1. Beautiful, and sensual, poem. And, accord to a quickly search in google, it seems they are of your own inspiration :)
      Thanks Mélanie. Those flowers are in the main Plaza of Arequipa city, I imagined an story between those trees, one so rich and the other so poor in leaves :D, and thanks for the name of the flowers, I love them but I only could learn the name of a few ones.

      1. it’s not MY poem, FR, it’s simply the translation of your post:”I gave you every one of my leaves and now I have nothing…”:-)))

      2. Oh, I’m so sorry, I used the google translators and the word “feuilles” was translated as “sheets” of bed. So I thought in lovers and then my comment about the sensuality. Ouch, it’s horrible to don’t speak French. Thanks for the honor Mélanie; you’ve a skill to make the words more beautiful and warmer :-), and it seems I’ve a superpower to be slow to understand :-S

      3. no problemo, FR… it’s O.K. you’re not “slow to understand”, as a lion, you just take your time, that’s all…;-)))

    1. Thanks rocking lady (and a big and anonymous thanks from the gardeners I’d say) :-) Yep, that tree is like that just in winters, but winters in the desert still have a lot of sun and nothing of snow, quite different of my city in the highlands. It’s in the Plaza de Armas of Arequipa city.

  2. I forgot to ask- why don’t you like blue skies in photos? Is it just for landscapes or for all photos?

    1. Moi??? lol, I adore blue skies! I love them so much that if I could I’d marry a blue sky XD. My problem is because my independent work is at day so I’ve no much chances to go out in those moments, usually I’ve time or quite early or quite late. For example this was almost at sunset so the bright part of the sky is the low sunlight. Thanks for your visit Melissa, hoping all’s right :-)

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