Origin of a myth

origin of a myth

Something Spaniards couldn’t understand clearly was the theme about beings of power (and in justice we didn’t understand neither their religion with their God and saints)

In this side of South America where the Incan Empire grew is common that every human group had a sacred hill or rock or lake to protect, similar to a parent, not a god, because it was believed that that being was some kind of ancestor, and that’s true in cities with millions and millions of people like Lima city or little communities at 4000 m. of altitude with one hundred people. But these lords or ladies weren’t unconnected to the world: they could “speak”. In the myths is interesting to know that the people who did extraordinary prowess could end shaping a mystery rock in the sacred hills, coming back to an origin.

So in the end in these places there is no difference between lords of power and humans, simply exist bonds of kinship.