6 thoughts on “Hiding my eyes to sleep

  1. Where have you been in this moment, Francis? In an airplane? On top of a mountain? But may be I should not ask these questions. I like the majestic mountain surrounded by these clouds. Take care, Reinhold

    1. It’s okay, answers could be funny. In this case for example I was in the roof of the place where I live some months in middle of Arequipa city (a home of three stores). In Peru almost every main city is founded near an Apu (a sacred mountain with a beautiful shape) in this case this is the volcano Misti (in quechua it means “white”) and it’s the apu of Arequipa city :-)
      Said that last time I took a plane was when I had seven years old, I’ll put a fly in my plans of things to do. Thanks Reinhold, good start of week too. Greetings, Francis.

  2. I’d say… both!;-))) I did know that “misti”=blanco in quechua and not “misty” in English…;-)
    * * *
    my very best and have a splendid week, young man! abrazitos virtuales y hasta proxima! Mélanita

    1. I’m not quechua, but aymara, but I admire quechua because it’s quite sweet and some things seems like nice words in English. For example “woman” in quechua is “warmi” that sounds like a blend of warm and woman :-)
      An splendid week for you too romantic lady of sweet words in the ville rose ;-) Francis from the Peruvian autumn.

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