10 thoughts on “Green lands

    1. Thanks Lucy ^_^, it’s near the shores of a lagoon at 4000 m. of altitude in the highlands, a very powerful place. Thanks for your visit, Francis :-)

    1. Actually this is a place a showed before, the Lagunillas lagoon, but when I took the photograph was from the bus and so I wanted to go someday fo walk. Sadly there is no much people but there are a lot of communities with alpacas and sheeps and vicuñas (but vicuñas are wild) so I couldn’t enter that place.
      Perhaps the altitude is quite high but sure it’s totally peaceful, so peaceful that when I went to there I couldn’t get another bus to come back XD
      Thanks Reinhold for your kind words, happy to give you something that show peace.

    1. It’s near my home, in the Peruvian side, I’d love to see the places your eyes seen in the Bolivian side (although that’s my home too because I’m aymara), there is so much to know there, thanks for coming and thanks share your new home :-)

  1. I love the light and shade in this shot Francis, I recognised this as the same place of your Lagoon walk, really lovely. And now I am jealous because here the wind is 70mph, driving rain and sleet before it, knocking over my bird table and sending everyones dustbins on a wild journey to who knows where. It is a dark and stormy night but I at least can look at your beautiful peaceful day.

    1. mmm, my soul of trader says me that it’s then a good time to sell umbrellas :D There would be a time of peace there when here is in middle of darkness, then I’ll see your images to remember the light ;-) Good night kind lady :-)

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