Made to last

made to last

Father is journalist and that’s his tool. Still used to these days. In university, a few years ago with internet and laptops and everything, I used mostly a light typewriter, I couldn’t afford to hire a computer or buy one, actually, being a kid from 80’s and a teen in 90’s I don’t feel comfortable with the hipster wave and I’ve always preferred a bright future with technology, the hipster fashion instead to me seems like a coming back to an uncomfortable and isolated time, using a disguise of something that doesn’t really belongs to this time.

This picture is from a months ago but probably is my last black and white photograph, now I’m going to compose definitively in color.

17 thoughts on “Made to last

  1. Hi Francis, I am into black and white photography. This is one of the reasons I like this one. But I like the stories, which are created in my mind by this image, as well. Like “why are some of these keys so bend” – “I heard Remington Steel before, has this anything to do with it” – “what has been written on this machine, novels, articles, love letters” ? B&W images often create a much deeper impact than images of color. At least for me. But when I think about you and your awesome work I also see color. Yellow, orange, white and blue. That is you and your friendly personality. But I hope you leave a little bit room in your work for an image like this. Thanks for sharing and the little journey through time. All the best to you, Francis

    1. Thanks Reinhold for the compliments, I adore your work in black and white and I’d love to create something so expressive, but I’d need much more skill. Actually I’m thinking in don’t do more black and white photographs not for lack of desire but I can’t make it match to the vision I want. And besides I noticed that the Fujifilm X-E1 paired with the sharp fujinon F1.4 35mm lens made me closer to black and white photographs but with now I only have my older camera so I’ve that feeling that it’s not suitable or I’ve to do a harder work. Also is true that in the highland people uses so many colors that they would be lost in B&W.
      Father uses his Remington from already several decades to this day to report about Juliaca city so it’s filled with thousands of stories and chronicles, and also father use it to send to me and my brothers letters in a more perdurable way than email.
      I’d say it’s a machine sculpted by the use :-)

  2. Beautiful picture in black and white. I also love the text under. I know people that also just use their typing machines still :)

    1. mmm, I admit that the noise has a mesmerizing feeling. In Peru is common to see around city halls and lawyers studies in the streets with typewriters whose work is offer to fill documents, sometime I’d to get a photograph :-)

    1. You are welcome Sylvie, now that I think it well I love your poems not just for the music in French but because I always feel that there is an implicit story :-)

    1. Mr. Remington sure is a very old guy in home :-) Sometimes it happens to me too, speak about something and in brief have it like a wish fulfilled.

    1. For better I believe :-) I confess to don’t feel so much nostalgia, when kid just black and white processing was available and colour was reserved for professional use.

      1. Yes, it’s very difficult to post process in black and white. I’ve tried with landscape pictures, and the result was flat ! I had no contrast, no depth… but I’ve seen so many great landscape pictures in b&w, I wonder how they do it ;-)

      2. Oh, they usually use filters like polarizers and colored filters (red and orange mostly and they can be physical of digital) to deepen the sky and give more contrast and detail.
        But between the portfolio of a professional photographer and your photographs I choose the yours, because yours are honest and tale a story and show an exotic place ;-) instead the only professional photographer I follow is Steve McCurry ( and that’s because he has extraordinary photographs of travels and I don’t think in post-processing but in an adventurer soul like yourself :-)

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