12 thoughts on “A star inside

    1. Thanks very much. But actually I didn’t wait much :$, the day before I took a mental note of the hour of sunset, and next day I went in that moment and put the camera until in the perspective the sun would coincide with the window.
      I think I’m more like you, an explorer, my first priority are good shoes and after them the camera :-)

      1. Yes, and if we got a nice shot, oh well, that’s a bonus :D I don’t think I would have the patience to wait for hours for the perfect moment. I will leave that to professionals :D

  1. Inviting a star for tea is something special and something I would like to try in one of these days. For now I say good night to the nothern stars. Thanks for sharing, Francis.

    1. Some day I’d like to see the stars in the northern hemisphere, to see the sun rotating toward the South, inverted to the way here. Thanks Reinhold, good night and good rest.

    1. A yellow sun in a road of a few thousands of millions of years toward a giant red; and then we’ll have to change the name of the planet to Krypton :D

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