Scarlet heart

scarlet heart


This is a diary of thoughts. Mine usually are quite visual, today I think in a lady with red hair, kind eyes and a sweet smile. Dear Wanda, I hope everything is well. I could say her a good bye so this time it’s a good bye to me, to live and let live.

Buziaki, pozdrowienia :-)

10 thoughts on “Scarlet heart

    1. Ouch!, reading my post seems that way, lol, my bad :P
      Wanda was a visitant to my space from Poland, with daughters of my age and family. If I’m not wrong she decided time ago to take some distance about posting to care her spirit. A lost, but not forgotten, friendship, under other circumstances (money, grrr) I’d love to visit her.
      But everything is temporal, I’m also grateful for your presence, thanks kind lady :-)

  1. I’ve been to Poland once. For a wedding. In Germany you start the party after the weeding with coffee and cakes in the afternoon. The started with soup and mountains of meat and vegetables and vodka. A bootle for each couple. These rounds of food and vodka continued until midnight. Lots of dancing, laughing and talking. At midnight the announced another round of food. I thought “yeah, ice cream”. They opened another part of the hall. And… a buffet packed with meat, cheese, fruits and …. vodka. I wii never forget this evening. They know how to celebrate. If you are not a vegetarian and don’t like buzz. You certainly don’t expect a croissant and marmalade in the morning? I saw this nice, warm smiling lady coming to my place with a huge pot in her arms. She asked me if I would like some scrambled eggs and bacon. I never went to a wedding like this again. And I have stopped eating for 24 hours afterwards. You should go there, if you can. And while you are there you have to come over to Germany visiting me and my wife and be our guest for a while. All the best. Reinhold

    1. That sounds like it was the wedding of the kings of Germany and Poland, or the presidents of two vodka corporations :D
      That made me remember university times with some friends that believe that “every day is Oktoberfest!”. Besides there was in those times a German girl, the parties with her friends were with games and some music and quite innocent compared to the parties with lots of beer, rum and loud music. Now I understand that perhaps they were resting of their great parties in Europe.
      Vielen dank for the kind invitation Reinhold, if there is once chance to go I’ll take it, and if you came to here I’ll be happy to show you places to see and perhaps to record and if time is generous for a glass of vodka. All the best, Francis.

  2. it’s true, FR… I haven’t “seen” her for awhile… but I’m quite sure she’s fine, just very busy with real life… P.S. I did know she could be your mama…:-)))

  3. What a sentimental fellow you are to miss a person you’ve never met (in person, anyway) A big hug to you Francis :)

    1. Well, I hope to don’t sound so excessively sentimental XD. I knew the best parts of her, certainly I know also your side of writer, traveler and explorer and that had been hard if we would met in real life probably we just shared uncomfortably a bus seat. So I think even in a virtual world there is place for know another person, or at least a side of her/his that would be hard in other circumstances. Thanks for hug Melissa ^_^

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