10 thoughts on “Three stones

    1. As an architect nothing would make me feel better than get that effect in my designs :P And I knew I couldn’t trick with a concrete imitation to a lady with the nick “on the rocks” XD

  1. The intruder might want to express himself like: BE DIFFERENT! You guys are old and round, I have corners and I am young… But Francis, I had to look for a few times until I saw the difference. LOL. So Darwin is absolutely right. It almost blends amongst them. ;-) Reinhold

    1. It draw my attention because its shape like the teeth of a megalodon. Perfect harmony I’d say of natural and artificial. Thanks Reinhold for your observation :-), Francis.

  2. Is the concrete really intruding? Maybe it’s just trying to get back to it’s elemental self :)

    1. That’s a beautiful thought that would deserve to be a poem Melissa :-) Technically concrete is an artificial stone, so it would be like a wooden boy desiring to be a real one.

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