20 thoughts on “Highland clouds

  1. Bravo Francis! Your inspiration with wide lens and full sensor, make a wonderful work for landscape, especially the picture does not appear to be edited.

    1. Thanks Imagynasium :-) But my equipment is quite old, my camera is a cybershot Sony R1 from 2005, with an aps-c sensor (almost half full sensor) with a zoom lens (although a fantastic Zeiss) and I used a polarizer to reduce the window reflections and processed the raw image in photo ninja to correct the green tint of the dirty windows. But my thought is that a photograph has to reflect what eyes see so I don’t “heal” or erase content of the image but try to be faithful to what I (and not the camera) experienced.

      1. You make a picture so good, that I thought you have a full frame sensor. Now i studied Sony R1, Fuji X-E1 and saw what qualities they have. The devices are modest but photos are great. That means you really have a good experience as a photographer. I use a Sony DSC-HX300 and Nikon D5300 (with Nikkor, 55-300mm, f/4.5-5.6) for wildlife and travel. My favorite is Sony, which has a small sensor, but a sensational lens (Carl Zeiss Vario Sonnar T, 4,3-215mm, f/2,8-6,3). It is very versatile and helps me a lot, in difficulty conditions of wildlife. It has a great zoom. I posted a picture of the moon, to see this zoom. The pictures is make without tripod.
        P.S. I love “Triciclo”!!!!!

      2. Agree, Carl Zeiss lenses have extraordinary rendering of detail and colors. I gave to my brother the X-E1, although technically the image quality was much better than my Sony R1 it was a bit complicated to me and I couldn’t afford a zoom lens. Besides to me is enough a camera with a fixed zoom without the hassle of changing and carrying lenses because I don’t consider myself a photographer but a guy that likes to travel. I searched both models of your cameras in flickr and both are capable of great photographs.
        Yeah, the triciclo is a funny way to go to any place like a king XD

      3. You say you’re not a photographer!? You’re a very good photographer because with fewer resources, you make wonderful pictures. Pictures tell if you are value, or not, and they contain skill and passion. I’m glad to found your blog at “end of the earth”. I am still waiting, to see what surprises make (Sony+Francis)R, in the future.

      4. Thanks so much for the kind compliments. Certainly I use a camera but my goal when using it is not to get a photographic composition but more a register of things or places I see to don’t forget them. A photographer instead has another goal: to travel or search and see things valuable to get photographed to their final compositions both like an amateur or a professional. In my case my first preoccupation when I travel is to have a good pair of shoes, a cell phone for communication, a bottle of water and if there is space the camera, so I use it only when I’m having fun :D

    1. They are called Chachani, (pronounced Chah-Chah-nee) probably from an Aymara word (chacha) meaning “gallant” or from another Aymara word (chachani) meaning “married woman” I’d love to climb it someday.

    1. And a dangerous one, our highways have, if I’m not wrong, the world record of annual deaths. The higher point between the coast to my city at 3800mts is a town called Imata at 4457 m. of altitude.
      Our topography is so tough that for that way we didn’t develop the wheel and the merchandise was taken across the roads with the help of llamas and the messages across the empire was with runners, when Spaniards came the wheel couldn’t be used too so they used mules mostly. That changed in XIX century with the train.
      I’m sure to my Peruvian eyes those villages have to be exotic and wonderful places :-)

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