In the middle of my way from Lagunillas lagoon to the red rocks near Santa Lucía city I saw this dog, I don’t remember well but I think it was a she. Tired, walking the fields at more of 4100 m of altitude (13 500 ft) exposed to cold, or perhaps is from one restaurant because usually dogs in the countryside stay in the properties and at night they are fiery, reason why I had to walk quickly before the end of the day.

Sensing the danger

sensing the danger

She walked along me perhaps a three hundred meters. Sadly I hadn’t meat or any food for me not for her, sometimes it seems I couldn’t help nobody. Anyway, I was more afraid that she could waste her energies walking long distances but suddenly there were some barks. Dogs from a private property was closing to us, but really to her, I crossed to the other side of the highway but she was still there. With that expression of alarm. The dogs weren’t further the limits and she came back to the nothing.



In the end usually I think that way about some close people. I wonder if there is somebody taking care of they, watching if they have a plate of food, or caring to note if they have a disease. Sometimes it’s easy to don’t see that probably they’re alone in a tough world, barely resisting.

Next time I’ll go to the wild I’m going to bring some bags to pick up some garbage and a bit of food to share with them. Fortunately for us humans it’s a bit more easier, I know how to survive there, where to get water and which plants to eat. It’s quite healthy for us.