In the middle of my way from Lagunillas lagoon to the red rocks near Santa Lucía city I saw this dog, I don’t remember well but I think it was a she. Tired, walking the fields at more of 4100 m of altitude (13 500 ft) exposed to cold, or perhaps is from one restaurant because usually dogs in the countryside stay in the properties and at night they are fiery, reason why I had to walk quickly before the end of the day.

Sensing the danger

sensing the danger

She walked along me perhaps a three hundred meters. Sadly I hadn’t meat or any food for me not for her, sometimes it seems I couldn’t help nobody. Anyway, I was more afraid that she could waste her energies walking long distances but suddenly there were some barks. Dogs from a private property was closing to us, but really to her, I crossed to the other side of the highway but she was still there. With that expression of alarm. The dogs weren’t further the limits and she came back to the nothing.



In the end usually I think that way about some close people. I wonder if there is somebody taking care of they, watching if they have a plate of food, or caring to note if they have a disease. Sometimes it’s easy to don’t see that probably they’re alone in a tough world, barely resisting.

Next time I’ll go to the wild I’m going to bring some bags to pick up some garbage and a bit of food to share with them. Fortunately for us humans it’s a bit more easier, I know how to survive there, where to get water and which plants to eat. It’s quite healthy for us.

8 thoughts on “Surviving

  1. Such a pity to see them on the streets… All dogs should have a home. Unfortunately, in Romania there are a lot of dogs in this situation. Very sad stories :(

    1. Here in Peru it’s tragic comic, a pair of years more and they are going to revert to wolfs :D We just can hope that the future is going to be better. Thanks Lucy, wish you a nice weekend.

  2. I never had a dog, so I am frightened if they have a bigger size. But the funny thing is, that dogs small and bigger ones like ME. If I go to the parents of my wife (they have 3 dogs) I am always somewhere in the middle of them. And I really don’t know what to do. Meeting this dog in the highlands would have been an adventure for me. So you are a brave man, feeding these dogs. Very nice photos and a caring story. Reinhold

    1. Oh, not so brave, stray dogs in general are friendly when are alone, but the opposite in Peru are the ones with house because mostly they are trained to protect homes and so they can be territorially violent; with them I stay a bit suspicious (or nervous would be a better word) in their presence. I’m afraid that they could be react badly to a wrong movement from me.
      Three dogs in another house, that sounds to me like a frightening adventure for a really brave man, actually in the past I stopped to visit some friends when I discovered their dogs and my mind wonders… Where is an armor when you need it? XD.
      Thanks Reinhold for the kindness, I mean to replay earlier but some urgent customer documents took my time away, so a big thanks for be here.

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