9 thoughts on “I don’t care, I’ll wait

  1. Interesting picture, that one is. Somebody (is that you?) waiting in the middle of nowhere for what? A bus, a car? This little hut with a tent… is it a bus stop? A rest room? No, while I am writing this I know the origin of this fabulous shot. You are inside a bus shooting through the window and this guy is waiting for a bus to a different place. Oh I don’t know! I don’t care. I’ wait (for your reply). Have a nice weekend. Reinhold

    1. It’s from a bus window travelling the highway along the Pacific Ocean in the deserts that extend from the South to the Center (the North is more tropical as should be if weren’t for the Andes)
      I know so much about bus terminals, actually with barely a little time or resources to travel for fun, so I have nice photographs from quite ordinary places :D I have a theory, I think those photographs are good in my case because I’m not thinking, just my subconscious with its rules of composition is dictating the precise moment (and of course a three axis bubble level and a polarizer help a lot XD)
      Thanks for your compliment Reinhold, hoping you have a nice weekend too,

    1. Hi Melissa, actually it’s just some minutes to Lima city, so the cell phone signal has to be quite strong and even thus walking a bit you would find hostels and city busses. In this age is very hard to get lost, the exception perhaps is the jungle.

  2. This picture has to go to a photo competition, Francis! Why you do not try? I think it’s a great composition, and the title is brilliant. You have a real chance!

    1. Thanks for the compliment, in fact I entered twice to contests but there wasn’t mention. So I think is enough if I like my images, I don’t think I would feel better entering contests that are ruled by juries whose judgment (seeing the work of the winners) actually I don’t understand.

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