Medusa was a lady with an extraordinary hair. I always thought that the drawings and paints about her had an energetic presence and when kid she was one of my favorite characters in the movie Clash of Titans. Reading Wikipedia I see she’s classified like a monster and I always believed she was rather a victim.

12 thoughts on “Medusa

  1. Nice against the blue sky. And indeed, a Medusa like tree. I remember 3 options. She was born that way, she was beautiful and was transferred into a monster by Athena because of this or because she had an affair with Poseidon and became pregnant. I think a perfect storyline for your image, Francis

    1. Those skies are great in the highlands. And that tree (a cactus tree) was in some kind of natural garden in the top of a hill. The polarizer helped me to shot the colors of the plants (reducing the reflections) and to get the sky, although I reduced the deep blue of the polarizer to get the tone I saw.
      I think I read the Athena punishment version about the origin of Medusa; curiously despite that I was never afraid of mythological greek monsters but the sea. It was terrible to me how Poseidon could use the force of the whole ocean against a normal human so one of my nightmares was to see the ocean behind a thin glass with whales swimming quite closer, afraid to end like the Egyptian soldiers of Moses story dying buried by walls of an indifferent maelstrom. Thanks Reinhold for the observation :-) Kind regards, Francis.

      1. Cool! here the coast is going to be with mist but the highlands instead are going back to the blue skies. But for now clouds and a soft sun.

      2. Ah it’s deep,dark night here now, can here the trains rumbling in the distance, for what seems like miles. Enjoy your beautiful sun and blue skies, I must shut my eyes and hope for clement weather tomorrow, back to work :( :)

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