7 thoughts on “Space curvature

      1. I feel flattered, thanks for coming back ;-) I saw that cloud around three hours more. I love too the trucks, they seem like a flag of adventure (accord to the movies of course XD)

  1. The blue truck. I was looking at the truck. It took a few moments until I saw the water on the street. I am not sure if the blue truck and the white clouds as THE background isn’t enough for me. I like the composition, the color and the blue truck. I hope this is ok for you, Francis. I hope we agree, sometimes it makes sense to disagree. :-) Reinhold

    1. It’s ok Reinhold, I understand why the truck draw the attention, is not just the color but the lines of the cloud, the highway and the hills converge, almost collide, into the truck position.
      But I was walking until then for around four hours and I was feeling a bit tired so I just keep walking instead of climb up the hill to get a better perspective of the reflection, but to my memory that was what draw my attention and the truck was a happy occurrence.
      Said that when I post here is like the digital analogy to throw photographs to the wind (without renounce to copyrights of course :D) I let them here knowing that every person is going to see them in a different way to my original intention is a way to enrich them too. I’ve noticed for example that readers seem to enjoy more the ones made with the Fujifilm X-E1 paired with the fujinon XF 35mm F1.4, although I had few opportunities to take it to interesting places in my opinion. Hoping this start of week being a good one, kind regards, Francis.

  2. Maybe it’s actually possible for what we think of as an optical illusion to be an anomaly in the curvature of time-space. Perhaps if you were able to accelerate to the speed of light you could make it to the anomaly in pass through to another dimension before it shifted back into our reality. Wouldn’t that be exciting? Every mirage could be a chance to pass into a different dimension…with a different reality. The landscape is quite lovely in your corner of Peru :)

    1. Accord to physics my mass would be infinite at that point, until know a way to new laws I’ll cross to another realities reading :-)
      Thanks Melissa, that was shot in January, now there is a bit of snow but I plan to go around in a week, this year I’d like to go to the jungle. Greetings from the South to the North ;-)

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