8 thoughts on “Grass in the morning

  1. Cool grass in the morning. This photo triggers a general observation with a lot of my archived photos. In the past I set focus to the middle of the depth of field. I always had a feeling, that looks ok, but now I always set focus on the foreground. So instead of having blur, sharp, blur I now have sharp, blur. I am not sure if I express myself clear. I am also not sure if it’s right and if you can make a rule out of this. Anyhow, what I actually wanted to say. Nice green, green grass of Peru. Thanks, Francis

    1. Crystal clear Reinhold, roger that! (I always wanted to say it :D) if blur were O and sharp 1 then at beginning you did = O 1 O and now = 1 O. I’ll try it in the next opportunity, thanks Reinhold. Rules are guides until we domain them and can use them to break them and now new frontiers, I’m grateful that someone that already walked the path I’m walking can give me some advice to be a better person.
      I loved that green, and was so easy to shot, I was walking the road and the level of that farm field (we call it “chacra” from our use in quechua) was at 1.60 meters of height.

      1. Oops, the intention was not to correct you or give an advice to you. I think it’s perfectly ok to break these “rules”. It’s just my new habit to focus. And as I said, I am not sure wether it should be a rule or not. Sorry for the confusion, Francis.

      2. I am the one who has to apologize Reinhold, I’m with a lot of work and very few sleep hours these days so my brain has turned to grass XD. In any case I always learn something new reading and seeing your compositions. Thanks for everything and hoping all’s better, Francis.

    1. Blindly indeed XD, grass is one of the things to get right in camera, at least with my Sony. Or perhaps are those memory colors and actually the colors I see in the camera are those in the reality.

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