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Adobe homes with ichu roofs. I’d love to live there, the only downside are the bathrooms, there are quite simple and to me that’s the most important part to live healthy. I can live without electric light (I’ve lived without electric light at the light of candles) but water and a good bathroom is essential to forget that life can be tough sometimes.


A place online to purchase Marumi filters from a kind friend in ebay

This photograph was possible to my polarizer, an excellent Marumi DHG Super polarizer, it laughed about dust or rain and with a microfiber it was easy to wipe any sporadic dirt. Sadly I learned that I’m not still a careful person so I lost it in my last travel with a pair more of filters. Fortunately a few days ago I received the replacement: a Marumi Exus circular polarizer, I did some tests with it and it’s astonishing, there is almost no loss of light, I cannot notice the use of the filter in the exposure but I have to careful see the rendering of reflections, that means that in dawn or dusk the camera is going to work, when using the polarizer, without the need to turn up the iso or using the widest aperture.

I’m glad to say a big thanks to the seller with the best prices in Marumi filters: Milen from Bulgary, he sent me that filter and other more to my home in Peru with responsibility and quite comfortable prices, as a disclaimer it’s just my experience as somebody that has to buy from internet because it seems there is nothing in my country, it’s not a sponsored post XD. Besides I think if you read this across a google search you’re searching Marumi filters at good prices, or if you’re a visitor friend then I’m glad to share with you my experience about sellers you can trust in ebay.

You can find to Milen here: milenius.valchev Thanks!