Party in the street

party in the street

Among several things that make us, natives, different to latinos is the music. Our music is like a carnival, it has religious roots and is related to the periods of old calendars; and it’s danced like gaming, there is no much touch, just running in big circles holding the hands and laughing. Probably that explain that is the only way to enjoy the music because once you stop it’s pretty basic (I guess that the more elevated music was wiped out when the Spaniards wanted to erase our culture in the eighteenth century) Actually in our land the hugs and other gestures implying touching are in part taboo except they are to the closes circle of your family (and grandparents, cousins, etcetera, are outside of that circle)

Instead the latinos are fans to dance salsa. It’s a dance where the touch is quite important and I’ve to say I can hear some songs but I don’t know how to dance it. Latinos use to dance it a lot and I didn’t understand it until I asked to some guy that likes gothic metal why he liked to dance salsa if that wasn’t the genre he liked to hear. He said that to get laid, me: “ahhh, I understand now” I also don’t understand that of latinos, if they like someone why don’t say it and why it has to be disguised with dancing and a path because supposedly if you don’t follow that steps then the lady is considered an easy girl.

I was thinking that because yesterday a girl asked me my facebook, and another one too for email (both are married I think so I guess they just want to feel the excitement of get more followers to brag) and that drives me crazy, if they want to speak to me why they don’t speak to me directly. Ask me a facebook to me translated to “give me your facebook to have a polite way to forget you in a list”

This year I’m leaving definitively the westerner cultures of the coast and I’m going to search a job in the smallest town of the highlands, just to forget that I’ve to use a foreign language as it’ the Spanish and certainly I had enough of Christians that clearly see my thoughts as a paganism (actually our religions are previous to Christianity in Peru) in internet I’ve seen that some Muslims although kind feel a certain discomfort too. So I prefer to be happy and have a peaceful life instead to be wealthy or poor among people I don’t understand and doesn’t want to understand the cultural differences.