Party in the street

party in the street

Among several things that make us, natives, different to latinos is the music. Our music is like a carnival, it has religious roots and is related to the periods of old calendars; and it’s danced like gaming, there is no much touch, just running in big circles holding the hands and laughing. Probably that explain that is the only way to enjoy the music because once you stop it’s pretty basic (I guess that the more elevated music was wiped out when the Spaniards wanted to erase our culture in the eighteenth century) Actually in our land the hugs and other gestures implying touching are in part taboo except they are to the closes circle of your family (and grandparents, cousins, etcetera, are outside of that circle)

Instead the latinos are fans to dance salsa. It’s a dance where the touch is quite important and I’ve to say I can hear some songs but I don’t know how to dance it. Latinos use to dance it a lot and I didn’t understand it until I asked to some guy that likes gothic metal why he liked to dance salsa if that wasn’t the genre he liked to hear. He said that to get laid, me: “ahhh, I understand now” I also don’t understand that of latinos, if they like someone why don’t say it and why it has to be disguised with dancing and a path because supposedly if you don’t follow that steps then the lady is considered an easy girl.

I was thinking that because yesterday a girl asked me my facebook, and another one too for email (both are married I think so I guess they just want to feel the excitement of get more followers to brag) and that drives me crazy, if they want to speak to me why they don’t speak to me directly. Ask me a facebook to me translated to “give me your facebook to have a polite way to forget you in a list”

This year I’m leaving definitively the westerner cultures of the coast and I’m going to search a job in the smallest town of the highlands, just to forget that I’ve to use a foreign language as it’ the Spanish and certainly I had enough of Christians that clearly see my thoughts as a paganism (actually our religions are previous to Christianity in Peru) in internet I’ve seen that some Muslims although kind feel a certain discomfort too. So I prefer to be happy and have a peaceful life instead to be wealthy or poor among people I don’t understand and doesn’t want to understand the cultural differences.

24 thoughts on “Party in the street

    1. Thanks Sylvie for the wish, I don’t know if it’s going to be better but sure it’s going to be a healthy change. Today I had to a city hall for documentation for a customer and bureaucracy always make me feel a bit stressful. Thank you for your world of words and marvels Sylvie.

    1. Lol, that song sounded a lot in the eighties!!, my favorite dance in the video is the one with Tom Cruise in Tropic Thunder, quite funny XD. The only dance I can do without look like a broken robot is tango that I like so much, I don’t know if it’s because movies but I think in Europe dance more waltz and techno (waltechno?)

  1. Totally understand your point of view, Francis. Moving from Frankfurt, city of banks and an IT consultancy job to the north of Germany, less people, less income but a giant increase in quality of life. It is worth it. Enjoy your new life and home. I see our cultural differences but they made at least my life more interesting. I hope everytinh works out fine for you. Reinhold

    1. Oh, the Commerzbank Tower!. Although the shape seems (according to photographs) a bit sober I find interesting the green parks in elevated floors. It’s an extraordinary discovering Reinhold, your photos made me think that you were a man from the North, because I feel them like intimate landscapes, the ones only a man with deep knowledge would do.
      But although the cultural differences are nice and give richness to a society the problem in the places I go is that they can originate a bit of violence towards my group (sometimes people in the capital says in radio that government should cleave our region so the country could be better…) Living near the coast sometimes feels like a constant fight and I have to confess a certain tiredness.

      1. I am from the North, I returned to this place after 30 years in Frankfurt. I was born here, went to school and to University in the North. Returning to my roots.

      2. Oh, I want to do the same, I’ll come back to my roots and with luck I’ll share the journey here. Hoping all’s better Reinhold :-)

    1. The moment called me, the music was strong so I just went downstairs opened the door and photographed the dance at the corner of my house, that happens regularly :-)

  2. I don’t think that those women were JUST trying to get more followers. Don’t sell yourself so short. You offer so much encourgement with your comments. They probably just wanted to be able to contact you. Anyway, I like your photo. It’s all salsa, salsa around here too. It would be nice to change it up a bit :)

    1. I’d like to think that but the reality is quite different :-) They don’t remember even my name.
      Natives in Peru are seen like… How to say it kindly?… inferior. Perhaps you have seen in TV a program called “la paisana Jacinta”, it’s about a native woman, she’s poor, never baths, is innocent sometimes but more is dumb, always falling in traps. I’m native and they try to see me like a kid, that’s a reason why I write this blog in another language, they just would comment here something (that I’ve been said) like “Oh, Did you take those photographs? what weird! Are you capable to take them, really?” “they look so bad, don’t waste your time and better do a work for me, I’ll pay you one buck the hour” (and they receive 100 bucks for the work I’ll do for them)
      And conversely, I’m sure people try to get advantage of you because you’re foreign (“she’s innocent like every foreign so we’re going to give her the tough work and we’re going to see the match”, “she’s a foreign lady so surely she’s coming for a romantic adventure and I’ll be her man”, “she’s foreign so sure she’s a lot of money, I’ll ask her a gringo tax and she should pay the double”, “she’s white so she’s a lady (well, it’s true, you’re a lady ^_^) not like that woman of the market with her textile, I don’t want to sell her my product) Ah, a long etcetera. Sorry for the long text -_-, hoping you are having a great weekend Melissa, and hoping that perhaps I’m wrong, but life here proves otherwise.

      1. Okay, “La Paisana Jacinta” sounds like a terrible TV show. I don’t think that I would watch it. Yes, Peruvians jump to conclusions about me because I’m a gringa, but not all of them. Mostly they’re just curious as to why I’m traveling alone, or why I don’t have a husband and children. It’s terrible that you’re treated in such a fashion considering how intelligent you are. Yes, my weekend has been nice….muy tranquilo! I hope that yours is great, too!

      2. Muy tranquilo, sounds peaceful :-). I’m working some projects I’ve to finish, but next weekend I’m going to travel again to the sea. I’ll get some views. Happy that the North treats you well, now I remember that Pimentel is a non touristic place so good to know that there is no such prejudices as in other places.
        Despite everything I’m optimist, I believe in Goethe’s spiral, life seems a circle where everything bad comes back but really it’s an spiral where the bad things come back but every turn is less bad than in the previous turn.

      3. Yes, Pimentel is nice for not being seen as a tourist. I go to the local market and pay the same price for fruit, bread and soya milk as the locals. It’s awesome! Happy travels! :)

      4. Hello Francis – My time in Pimentel is almost over :) and I’ll be traveling around Peru. If your work or travels take you to LIma or Arequipa in the next few weeks, let me know. I’d love to chat with you in person :)

      5. These days I’m more in Arequipa. and if you’re here then I’ll be happy to talk a bit with you (in my rusty English) Thanks for the consideration Melissa, Godspeed :-)

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