Dear reader, please clean your screen, there is a dirty spot near the top left.

He, just kidding, it’s from a dirty window. I noticed that a lot of water passed since I posted an image from a cell phone (a cheap and Chinese cell phone of 2 megapixels). A pair of hours ago I went to a laboratory to pick up some processed negatives. I’m experimenting with Fujifilm 400H and an advanced compact camera, with luck the next week I’ll show some pics.

While I was waiting in the laboratory suddenly two girls (tourists from Colombia I think) entered and one with a Nikon with interchangeable lenses asked a filter. I know one thing or two about filters and the ones in the lab actually were going to hurt the quality of her lens (even more she didn’t now what filter to ask despite the diameter was labeled in the front of the lens), and if she wanted an UV filter I grew in a city at almost 4000 meters of altitude (13 000 ft) and we never ever needed UV filters. That made me remember other tourists that take burst of photographs of motionless subjects with high end cameras or cell phones (if I’m not wrong burst is more adequate for sports), or flash at night in the outside to shot far away towers.

Although I understand the use of an interchangeable camera actually I feel much more comfortable with a simple compact camera with a fixed lens, specially if that lens is a zoom. I don’t say nothing to the tourists because I can see that they actually are enjoying their equipment; me too, I enjoy also the equipment I choose, although I think they could take advantage of the online data and manuals to exploit the advantages of their tools. Or perhaps I’m quite obsessive.