9 thoughts on “Yellow love

    1. Yes, it’s dry. Actually it’s a complex architecture, every side has protuberances to fit like lego pieces, but the front sides are plain so it get the illusion that are sculpted stones just one above the other. Even more there was some experimentation and some walls were bound actually with metal.
      In honor of they my architecture is hi-tech :-)

    1. The highlands have intense colors. The coast instead always (except when I go in summers) is gray. The wall is part of a temple of Kalasasaya of the Tiwanaku Empire. Their descendants get to build even more complex architecture and built the walls of the Inca Empire.

      1. Actually we (in UK or Peru) are the ancient civilization, with thousands of years of experience on our shoulders. Instead the old civilizations are the young ones, they have less years than us :D

    1. Thanks Reinhold. I always loved the architecture. From Germany I like the Bauhaus school of Architecture, from Peru the best architecture is the one from the Inca Empire, what is sad because that means that in the following centuries we couldn’t do something equivalent or close in quality.

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