3 thoughts on “A lady dancing in white silk

  1. muy bonito, FR… once again, you’ve proven that you’re a poet, too…:-)
    * * *
    your lines have reminded me these ones:

    ”J’ai rêvé tellement fort de toi… j’ai marché, parlé, aimé ton ombre – qu’il ne me reste plus rien de toi… seulement l’ombre parmi les ombres qui reviendront dans ta vie ensoleillée…” –
    * * *
    quick translation:”I’ve dreamed of you so deeply… I would walk, I would speak, I would love your shadow, so that I have nothing left of you… just one shadow among other shadows that will come back into your sunny life…”(Robert Desnos)

    1. Thanks very much Mélanie. I’ve just read the biography of Robert Desnos because his words were so magical and sadly I read that it ended in the tragedy of a brave man. Said that thanks for the compliment but I’m just a guy that joints words in languages that he is far to master. I think you were travelling, I’m happy for that. Greetings.

      1. you’re always welcome, young man!:-)
        * * *
        @”I think you were travelling…” – not for the moment…;-)

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