Moon magic

Moon magic


Monday and Saturday to me are the two most borings days in the week (although Sunday these years is fighting to replace Saturday) But I like the name of Monday. In every European language it’s the day of the Moon, so in Italian it’s Lunedi, from the word for moon: “Luna” (it sounds quite nice) or lundi in French. When Spaniards came to our country they made a word in Quechua for Monday, so its equivalent is Killa P’unchay (Killa – Moon and P’unchay – day)

I remember in the beginning I wanted to draw moons so big to save the silhouettes of people inside it, as seen in movies; so in the reality it was a bit disappointing see it so small. Then I didn’t know about telephoto lenses and their tricks. Now instead I prefer to render it naturally and not isolated, but playing with mountains, buildings and trees. A solitary moon besides the power of a lens doesn’t say much.

A satellite travelling, sleeping with dreams of white castles, perhaps with kings bidding their time in marble sarcophagus to come back to the Earth, ignoring that they have no place in a world of elections.

12 thoughts on “Moon magic

  1. I’ve encountered many cats called “luna”, it sounds a lot cuter than Lundi :D Damn Italians, taking all the glory ! :D

    I’ve never tried taking pictures of the moon, sounds a bit tricky ;-)

    1. Oh, perhaps because the Sailor Moon character “Luna”? She is a black cat of the anime and it’s quite responsible, instead her owner (or pet?) is quite funny XD. That was a popular anime here so it wouldn’t be strange that the name was widely used.

      It’s easy! usually you just need to set the shutter to 1/250 sec to freeze the moon and it doesn’t show so bright but with details. In this case instead it’s a long exposure of several seconds because I wanted to show the trees and the plaza and I accepted that the moon were rendered as a white blog (the moon moves quite fast!) I know someday I’ll see the moon in your landscapes n_n

      1. I was watching sailor moon when I was a kid, 15 years ago :D I remembered Luna :D I could be a good explanation !

        Thanks for the explanation about how to take a picture of the moon, but I’m so lazy as soon as the sun sets down, that I’m not so sure you will see a moon someday :D

    1. Thanks Reinhold for the kindness, I was walking to take a bus (as always) and I saw the moon near the line of vertical symmetry of the building and framed by the trees, and fortunately I had my camera. Sadly the high iso response is quite deficient so I used a bench park to accommodate the camera (instead of a tripod) and set a long exposure. Someday I’ve to change the title of my blog from “tales from the bus” XD

  2. Is “moon magic” the reason that my young English students can only remember “Monday” no matter how many times we teach the other days of the week? :P I would definitely read your “tales from the bus” blog :)

    1. haha, tales from the bus, now I re-read it a bit like horror stories XD. You could teach them Thursday, Thor’s day. With the Avengers movies that god is popular again :D! Thanks Melissa for the visit.

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