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    1. That style is called Andean Baroque. It’s so massive, actually so massive that that wood element actually is a window (!). There was not allowed a tripod so I had to use the biggest aperture and so the foreground is blurred. A camera with a little sensor but with the same aperture wouldn’t had that problem (although it wouldn’t register so well the dynamic range) Thanks Imagynasium. Kind regards.

    1. It’s a massive architecture, it blends Spanish and natives motives in the decoration. The windows and doors are little because the ashlar needs to support the weight of vaults made also of ashlars.
      The ornamentation is limited to the frontispiece and elements like gargoyles and frames of doors and windows. The rest is plain or clean and initially were painted with colors like yellow mustard, red and blue. But now the ashlars are mostly exposed what gives to it a classical rendering in my opinion.
      It’s a very massive architecture that works well in the desert, at day the walls protect and storage the outside heat and at night they are a barrier against the cold and free slowly the heat they were exposed at day.

      1. Thanks a lot Francis for explanations. A big advantage of the blogosphere is that can learn new things, and know people, from places where probably will not go ever. It is a great distance between us. The place where i live is very different than where you live. By Europe, i traveled a lot (with my car), and i know quite well. I could not get out of Europe because i’m afraid to travel by plane (please do not laugh, it’s real problem!!!) and costs are quite high. Therefore for me, South America, is a kind of “Terra Mitica”. Up to meet your blog, i did not know much about Peru. I knew something about the Incas, and about your football (in the past i was footballer, and now i’m a big football fan). I started studying about your country (history, politics, economy) and try to understand how people live there. I was surprised to find out that are a great nation of 31 million people. I tell you these things because in the future, beyond the art and knowledge offered by your pictures, probably i have to get “bored” with other extra questions, for understand how people live in that place, where i never will. I hope to be helpful as now!!! Of course, i will take care, do not abuse of your time!!!

      2. Don’t worry, I’ve friends that are afraid of planes, personally I’m afraid of dogs (if I see a dog and a car toward me I prefer to face the car) I’m in the same boat with respect to Europe, it’s so close as the moon. Our football is quite bad (we fight in South America to be the last in the charts lol) and Incas were just a few years.
        Don’t worry by the questions, instead I hope you don’t get bored with my replies XD, sometimes I can write a lot and more of the needed. Thanks for your interest and to share the beauty of Rumania with the world. I found marvelous the history of Dacia and the presence of the Roman Empire that your culture made last like an island in a world of Greek influence. Said that I don’t know why I think in mythic horse riders.

      3. I hope to have the opportunity, in time, to show you and tell you some things, about the history and culture of the area where i live. South-eastern zone of Europe and Anatolia, is the place where are founded the modern world, as we know it now (by hittite, greek, roman, byzantin, otoman, habsburgic civilization). In these places have happened many historical events that influenced evolution of human civilization. I’ll give you an example, the last two world wars. The First World War began in Serbia and World War II began in Poland. It’s possible that World War III begins here (I mean, the dangerous conflict situation from Ukraine). Just as a curiosity, i tell you, one of the most famous characters in the history of humanity, Dracula, have tomb, just four miles from my house. I have great pleasure to talking with you! Perhaps if we were face to face, we discuss several days without stopping. Because you are far as the Moon (as you beautiful said), it’s good that we can communicate through written and especially, through images. In my country is a expression wich say so; ”A picture have more value than a million words!!!”
        P.S. About your fear; i suggest to choose the dog. If you scream loud enough, you have a chance to scare him and you get rid (a few days ago you have as photomodel one black dog and you are ok). In my country, the car never stop!!!!!

      4. hehe, in my country the car never stop neither :D, but the problem is that dogs are trained to attack strange people in the street :S Well, I hope that a new war doesn’t start there because as Einstein said the fourth would be with sticks and stones. Although personally I always saw Romanians as heirs of Roman Empire and the neighbors more like heirs of Slavic civilizations. And well, here we think there are the most beautiful women in the world (but of course is a secret we don’t say to our women XD)

      5. Francis, Bucharest is the city with the most beautiful women (i can not imagine that their reputation is known in Peru) and many dogs in the streets, from Europe. I wonder if you could live here!? I have to tell you something that probably we will discuss another time. Romanian people is not a descendant of ancient Rome. Dacians and Romans are common ancestors, Getae. Etruscans who contributed to the founding of the Roman civilization are a branch of the Getae, who emigrated to the Italian Peninsula. Language ”latina vulgaris” is talking first in the Carpathian area and then in the Italian Peninsula. You will not find any historical source that says that Peslagii, Getae, Dacians (Romanian ancestors) came from somewhere, in the area Carpathian-Danube. They were here 12,000 years B.C, and is the oldest civilization of Europe. The Romans conquered just 35% of the Dacian territory and stayed here just 270 years. During this period were in constant conflict with the Dacians from unconquered territories. For this reason they had to abandon the conquered territory. Under these conditions, can not talk about romanization of Dacia. The confusion comes from fact that the Dacians spoke ”latina vulgaris” which was the ancestor of latin language. Romans stay quiet in Britannia 400 years, in North Africa 650 years and romanization was not possible. How could it be romanized Dacia, with 65% of the territory and population unconquered, and continous hostile conditions from the free Dacians? The Romanian language has more in common in terms of grammar with latin language than modern italian language. So Francis, the Romanian people is successor of the Dacians, not of the Romans! Slavs came much later in the area and have not been able to establish here for the same reason as the Romans; constant opposition of indigenous population, favorized by geographical and climatic conditions.

      6. Quite interesting, and quite brave people, considering the waves of people invading from Asia until the middle ages with the use of armors. 12 000 years, I thought your people were more recent due to the relationship between Sanskrit and their descendant the Latin.
        I’m going to search much more about so meaningful history.
        Stray dogs are kinder, the ones from houses here are the dangerous. About the Romanian ladies it’s a worldwide fame, and a reason we, Peruvian, should just go as tourists, we are not so pretty :D
        In the end I think Roma conquered the world, the legal system, religion and uses (even the fashion about haircuts) and names are in great part from them, or at least I feel that Rome has an stronger presence than Greece, for example.

  1. The inside out view could be special. In this case it is. Looking through the open window to the same closed window makes it already very interesting. But the red bowl and the green plant makes it awesome and perfect. Well done, Francis. And who cares about the blur in the foreground. For me it is part of the composition. Tschüß, Reinhold

    1. I started with compact cameras where everything is in focus. Also as architect every architectural drawing has defined lines (to show the distance we just use thiner lines to represent far away objects and thicker for closer ones) When I started to using aps-c cameras it drove me crazy because there are always parts unfocused. I’m exploring focus stacking these months. So I’d say that I’m not used to shallow dof yet.
      Vielen dank Reinhold, tschüß :-)

      1. An illusion of scale I think (there is no reference to know its size). It’s a window but certainly it can be also a door but to unwanted guests :D

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