A whole twilight in the reflection

A whole twilight in the reflection

I don’t know how to drive a car. I don’t like them so much because they mean to me traffic and be prisoner of it; but I love two things: the emblems of their brands, being my favorite symbol ever the amazing (introduced in 1997) one from Mazda; and the way their reflections curve the world and blends the sky.

This particular reflection made me evoke glasses of wine in my parents home. Taste of memories.

12 thoughts on “A whole twilight in the reflection

  1. For a split second I thought you have been to Frankfurt, Francis. The street light looks as those of the “Alte Oper”, the old rebuilt opera. Beautiful colors and composition. Nice reflection shot. Reinhold

    1. I searched it in google and it’s a quite gorgeous building in neo-classical style. Thanks for that gift Reinhold. High quality as one expects from the light of Germany.
      The traffic was heavy so (I know you already guessed :D) the bus was slowly and I could have time to compose the shot. Thanks Reinhold. Greetings, Francis.

    1. Then if the Earth would be a solid you’d need six months to be in Peru ;-) A mobile home is a nicer idea, I feel prisoner probably because I’m not driving :D
      Glad you like it kind lady.

  2. @”I don’t know how to drive a car.” – really?!… so I can’t hum to you:”baby, you can drive my car…”(The Beatles)…;-)))

    1. Haha, really. I hope in Europe a man is not considered a man if he doesn’t know how to drive cars. I like to see them but don’t like the compromise to own one and feed them with gas and drive them and to worry about robbers and the people that in every corner clean the windows to force you to pay them, to deal with mechanics and the long etcetera. I’m happy with my pair of legs XD.
      (but I’m happy with the melody Mélanie ^_^)

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