8 thoughts on “Silky dawn

  1. hola talented poet! btw, have you ever listened to “nights in white satin, never reaching the end…”?… a famous “old” song, sung by “Moody Blues”…:-)

    1. Hola Mélanie ^_^! I’m hearing it for first time. Peaceful and romantic melody, I think in lovers on ice dancing fast with slow movements. Mille mercie for share a bit of your world with me :-)

      1. Today has been grey and rainy so it was nice to see your blue sky. I had a little blue sky yesterday so managed a little walk with my camera :)

  2. I can’t participate this time. When I klick on the image I see a black background only. But that’s no wonder. MacBook Pro broke and Internet is so slow today. I think I press the reset button for today and start fresh tomorrow. ;-)

    1. I’m so sorry Reinhold. Because this post is not about any photo but (in capitals please) THE MOST BEAUTIFUL MASTERPIECE EVER! Just kidding :-)
      In my old windows laptop in internet explorer I confirmed that the link is working, but I couldn’t see your post in my reader so I entered manually to your blog and I couldn’t enter your last post so I had to force it clicking in the comments (for a moment I thought I had been blocked “das kleine peruanische seems to never sleep!”) . Now I understand that could be due to a configuration in your side for the slow connection.
      Your beautiful photograph worth the effort. Alles wird gut.

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