Juliaca’s green solar

Juliaca's green solar

Juliaca is in the Andean Plateau. There, at 3825 mt. or 12 549 ft. of altitude, the green grass is quite expensive. So the grass in the solar to the church in the plaza is like an exception, our grass is the one called ichu and beyond spring it’s yellow (I like ichu by the way)

I went just once to that church, because it was an obligation for an activity in school, despite my protests that I’m not Catholic and just accepted when they assure me that they wouldn’t be angry for don’t make their rituals. It was quite dark and I thought in the movie Highlander, the fight in a stone tower at night where Ramírez is killed by the Kurgan. The exterior gardens are happier in my opinion.

26 thoughts on “Juliaca’s green solar

    1. It’s a great place to the eyes B-), but the price is that it’s not public access, if not the grass would disappear. The secret king that enjoys that spot is the gardener :-) Thanks Sylvie.

      1. If you liked that photograph then certainly I’m happy to just see it, we’ve our ichu, native grass, to run and play :-)

      2. I am commenting on the beauty of the site, but I can appreciate how you feel about it. I hope you will show us soon your ichu :)

      3. Oh, now I understand it. I agree and Wednesday I’ll publish a bit of the yellow fields ;-) Thanks for the clarification Sylvie. Wish you a great week.

      1. I’ve the bad characteristic to know everything but to forgot any answer when I’m questioned :D
        It will be a pleasure to find out what did you choose Herr Salva.

  1. Very beautiful spot, Francis! I love the mix of green grass and really old buildings. So beautiful! Thank you for sharing and have a lovely day!

    1. Thanks Lucy, I’m glad you like it too ^_^, although the building is barely from eighteenth century, compared to our oldest (and the oldest ones in your country) buildings it’s quite recent. But the stone treatment give it a rustic rendering.
      I hope you’re having a great day too in the far Europe :-)

    1. Aha!, you got my reference to William Blake :D
      “I will not cease from mental fight,
      Nor shall my sword sleep in my hand
      Till we have built Jerusalem
      In England’s green and pleasant land.”

  2. in our green and pleasant land it’s bliddy grey and wet again! :(
    A glorious green lawn and wonderfully chunky building.

    I loved Highlander, but Kurgan not so much, though he had a good motto~ “It’s better to burn out than to fade away!” which he did :)

    1. Oh, then the Blake’s poem was meant to attract tourists, lol.
      I saw highlander as a child and it was (is) one of my favorites movies; it’s a pity that the sequels are so bad. Haha, yeah, the Kurgan burnt out and even there was a lot of electricity. In any case if I lose my head I hope that it’s going to be by a girl ;-)
      Wishing you a week with colors kind lady.

      1. No, it’s not “tempus fugit”, it’s “lens fungus” hehe j/k.
        Time can fly so we have to appreciate what we have now and what we can have later. I understand, your nostalgia is not because the show but the memories associated to those times, like the smell of the sand of the beach :-)

    1. Grapes would suffer too. It is at 3800 meters above sea level. I think there are broad beans though. And in confidence once we were told that there is a mystery tree from China. n______n

      1. Beans would be a great thing to grow.
        You would be surprised to learn how many trees we know and see in the parks actually came from China. Some trees were discovered there as late as in the 1950s, and I am not surprised that there are a couple of mystery trees somewhere still waiting to be discovered :)

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