A glimpse to Puerto Inglés – Ilo city

A peaceful blue world

peaceful blue world

These photographs were shot one month ago in a beach in Ilo city, in the Southern coast of Peru. I know mostly the visitants to this space come from the northern hemisphere so when you was enjoying a cold winter here we had enjoying a hot summer, the last days before the autumn. Actually still the heat is a beat strong so this weekend I could get another day in the beach.

In English the name means “English Port” because that was the place where the ship of the most famous tourist ever in the history of Ilo landed: Sir Francis Drake, uh… Did I write tourist? I mean pirate, lol. But Fracis Drake didn’t harm the beach, but a few years ago a mayor do it introducing a lot of unneeded concrete in big buildings :S. Now another Francis, me, went to know the place and get a bit of sun and sea.

Living in the blue

living in the blue

I was there in the afternoon, robbing minutes to a travel that was not meant to there. Just because I wanted to go to the beach. You could find strange that but in Peru it seems that nobody does nothing for joy (not even the artists) but it’s needed a practical reason. What proves to me that science requires creativity and art because if only reason was needed then we had great scientists.

The happy port

the happy port

As you can see the beach is little, and enough deep to be like a natural pool, so there are few people (good!) because usually people goes to Pozo de Lisas (I posted about that beach before) which is fancier, with groups of music and bikini girls with model bodies. This beach instead is quieter and more popular, usually people goes with shirts and more to the beach, that’s a way you can recognize which beach is popular and which one is exclusive. But that doesn’t matter, in any of them people is happy the same.

Hot afternoon

hot afternoon

That was in top of a hill covering the little bay or port. In the North the beaches are tropical but in the South they’re in the desert. I took more pictures but not in digital but in film, so I’m scanning those. But I hope you can enjoy the place with the digital ones, the blues were quite amazing there.

Just an afternoon in Ilo

just an afternoon in Ilo

And a selfie I took me there. About the scars I’d love to say that as the pirate Francis they were due to combats but the truth is that the citizen Francis made it himself in an accident with water when babe. Actually that doesn’t bothers me, but bothers me is that I need more workout :’-( XD

In the end I think that little beach was the funniest I’ve been ever.