A glimpse to Puerto Inglés – Ilo city

A peaceful blue world

peaceful blue world

These photographs were shot one month ago in a beach in Ilo city, in the Southern coast of Peru. I know mostly the visitants to this space come from the northern hemisphere so when you was enjoying a cold winter here we had enjoying a hot summer, the last days before the autumn. Actually still the heat is a beat strong so this weekend I could get another day in the beach.

In English the name means “English Port” because that was the place where the ship of the most famous tourist ever in the history of Ilo landed: Sir Francis Drake, uh… Did I write tourist? I mean pirate, lol. But Fracis Drake didn’t harm the beach, but a few years ago a mayor do it introducing a lot of unneeded concrete in big buildings :S. Now another Francis, me, went to know the place and get a bit of sun and sea.

Living in the blue

living in the blue

I was there in the afternoon, robbing minutes to a travel that was not meant to there. Just because I wanted to go to the beach. You could find strange that but in Peru it seems that nobody does nothing for joy (not even the artists) but it’s needed a practical reason. What proves to me that science requires creativity and art because if only reason was needed then we had great scientists.

The happy port

the happy port

As you can see the beach is little, and enough deep to be like a natural pool, so there are few people (good!) because usually people goes to Pozo de Lisas (I posted about that beach before) which is fancier, with groups of music and bikini girls with model bodies. This beach instead is quieter and more popular, usually people goes with shirts and more to the beach, that’s a way you can recognize which beach is popular and which one is exclusive. But that doesn’t matter, in any of them people is happy the same.

Hot afternoon

hot afternoon

That was in top of a hill covering the little bay or port. In the North the beaches are tropical but in the South they’re in the desert. I took more pictures but not in digital but in film, so I’m scanning those. But I hope you can enjoy the place with the digital ones, the blues were quite amazing there.

Just an afternoon in Ilo

just an afternoon in Ilo

And a selfie I took me there. About the scars I’d love to say that as the pirate Francis they were due to combats but the truth is that the citizen Francis made it himself in an accident with water when babe. Actually that doesn’t bothers me, but bothers me is that I need more workout :’-( XD

In the end I think that little beach was the funniest I’ve been ever.

24 thoughts on “A glimpse to Puerto Inglés – Ilo city

    1. Well, I saw some people swimming under the water and a few crabs if that qualifies as underwater life :D
      The waters are clear and I saw some people snorkeling and seeing the crabs. Diving I don’t think because there was not services to hire equipment. If you were a fisherwoman Peru would be your paradise because the cold current from the Antarctic (Humboldt current or Peruvian current) and the hot ones from the tropic north meets and we’re a big producer of several kinds of fishes (god Wikipedia says “is one of the major upwelling systems of the world, supporting an extraordinary abundance of marine life”) but to explore like an sport the beaches in the South are not the best but the tropic ones in the north near the Ecuador.
      The touristic industry in not developed in Ilo, for example I took a tour to see sea lions but it was just in a boat, not diving with them, that’s because Ilo is mainly an Industrial city.
      Said that I’m an ignorant about snorkeling and diving -_-, next time I’ll be better informed ;-)

      1. haha, well crabs are good (to see and eat !) ! If it’s like the Galapagos (it’s the same currents), it must be full of life. Thanks for the explanations :-)

      2. mmm, yeah, they are so good to eat that we’re just a bit to do this:

        Someday I’d like to go to Galápagos. I’ll save this year for that and I’ll remember to diving.

  1. I like ”Living In The Blue”, but you have reached a high level with ”I don’t care, I’ll wait”. For me it is the most valuable picture on your blog and one of the most valuable pictures that you’ve met on photoblogosphere (i would like, if you can ever, to send me by e-mail, hd format with your signature on it, for my personal collection). I’m curious if and when you’ll be able to do something more valuable. Is an obstacle that you raised very high, but I am sure you will succeed because you’re a talented artist.
    Childhood scar hide much suffering, but you got over it, proving that you are a strong Inca. Congratulation Francis!!!

    1. Thanks for your compliments Imagynasium. Actually I don’t know much about photography, I never took a course or anything so I appreciate your interest. Said that I think I appreciate all the photographs I post here the same, that’s for a simple reason, when you do something you are so close to it that you cannot see it objectively.
      There is no hd format of my photographs, that’s because I use a old camera (I cannot find a reason to get a better one because the one I use is enough and quite good for my needs), also I’m not skilled in editing photographs beyond contrast, shadow or highlight recovery, and everything to get the photograph. But put signatures, hmmm, actually not.
      I give you the original jpeg just with the compromise that it has to be used just by you. I don’t share much my photographs to download because time ago one person used some of my photographs as if they were from him/her. Fortunately I could prove that the photograph were mine but since then I don’t put originals but smaller ones. http://www.4shared.com/download/W72stX5bce/_DSC5523v1.jpg?lgfp=3000 or use this http://www.4shared.com/photo/W72stX5bce/_DSC5523v1.html
      Please tell me when you have it to erase from my 4share.
      mmm, actually the scar where when I was a baby so I don’t remember another life before it (just some glimpses) I consider it just a esthetic scar for the rest, to me is normal so there was no need to be strong :-)

      1. Thanks Francis! I downloaded the picture. I regret that there was not a sign (i will not forget that the picture is from you, just wanted an autograph from author)! The GIMP (free software) can make it easier signature. I assure you, the picture is just for my collection. I visit many photoblogs and sometimes happen to discover remarkable photos. I download and collect them to admire more easily, without having to search long time through the blogs archives. I’m not a professional photographer, i do not participate to photo contests, and i assure you, i could never use someone else’s inspiration. I just like to collect the brilliant creations, because otherwise the passage of time brings forgetting. I wish in the future, you have other pictures that i can collect. But i warn you, i’m very selective. Until now, i collected just only 10 photos!!! Maybe you’re not a very technically photographer, but you have native artistic feeling, for beautiful pictures and…words.

      2. My software for architecture needs the most of space and memory from my laptop, but I’ll try someday gimp. Thanks for the suggestion. And thank you for the flattering exclusivity :-)

      3. So you’re an architect!? Now i understand everything. Aesthetic sense that i observed in your pictures is not native. He is educated and is part of your job. I collaborate with architects. I’m installations engineer for civil construction. I’m glad to meet you Mister Arhitect!!! My name is Dan Cristian!

  2. :D I’ll have you know El Draque was an English sea captain, a vice admiral no less, pirate indeed!!! :D ;)

    Love this little beach, this is a place I would like to spend my summer days, it reminds me of my coastline where I live, it is never cluttered with tourists and bikini girls.

    1. Well, the sea captain when visited Peru changed his vice admiral hat for a green parrot and a peg leg XD. But I don’t think bad of him, he was attacking our common enemy: Spain.
      Yes, it was quite a discovering this beach ^_^! mmm, if there aren’t bikini girls then I guess yours are nudist beaches :O Perhaps the weather? I believed Europeans go to Ibiza when summer.

  3. I’d like to swim into Puerto Ingles pool…:-)
    * * *
    you’re sooo brave to show your scar(s), FR… admiration and respect, amigo! A friend of mine has had almost the same one since the eage of 4, when she got burned with hot water… I do believe physical scars are easier to get over and to deal with than those of our corazon y alma… correct me if I’m wrong, please!

    1. I know you would love it, and that Puerto Inglés would love to have your happy spirit there ;-)

      Oh, I’m not more brave than the rest, just I think it would be dishonest to show me different to what I am. Besides I see my scar like a tattoo, I cover just because the excess of sun can harm my skin. I burnt with hot water too when I had one year more or less, so to my mind they’re normal, nothing needed to deal or get over. For example if I were short then I wouldn’t feel shame to don’t be tall (I’m actually tall to our standards) In any case I hope that my photograph doesn’t look like bad taste or harmful to the sensitivity of the visitants, just that I cannot hide my person to get a nicer photo in this space that’s my diary.
      Brave could mean that I feel ashamed of myself but despite that I show me anyway to conquest the fear, but I’d say more than brave I’m just happy with myself ;-) (except I feel I need to do more sports XD),
      Gracias por la visita Mélanie :-)

      1. hola fearless FR!:-) he apreciado durante un tiempo es que se hizo publica su foto (la cara) en su blog, al igual que yo: nada que ocultar ni de qué avergonzarse… siempre evito los blogs sin foto de sus “camouflés” o autores disimulados…;-)))

  4. 2015! I missed this post. Wow, it looks like you had a childhood accident similar to mine. I was 7 when I run into my aunt carrying a huge pan full with boiling soup. My face, chest and hands were burned. Luckily, my cousin, a final year medicine student, run to the little town hospital (just across the road) and supervised all the treatments. He would sleep in the chair next to my bed and do everything to save my skin. It took months, but the skin healed, except my palms. They still look funny, but it doesn’t bother me of course. A year after the accident I already played the piano:).

    1. I am quite glad you had a good supervision, Inese. In my case despite all the care by my parents unfortunately there were not specialized professionals in that time. Not that I feel sad about it as my arm to me is just different in a comestic way,. Wishing you, belatedly, the best for this 2021 (I traveled and was uncommunicated), dear friend. With much warm from the Peruvian summer : )

      1. Thank you, Francis! Yes, I was lucky because my cousin never left my side. He was a better professional than the doctors in that tiny hospital. Also, my eyes were not hurt, and my mouth too, which was just a good luck. Most important is that everything works. It is easier to care about a burned 7 years old than a baby. I did what I was told. It helped too.

      2. Seven years… I think it has to be different, I believe I almost have no memory before my accident so my accident is part of my mental image of myself, to me is like a kind of tattoo, and is the way I see others with similar marks in their bodies, like special parts that give them a very individual identity as having a name nobody else has ^^ Thank you, Inese, for being this close to me.

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