Morning Pride


morning pride

I said that today Wednesday I would post a photograph showing our ichu. Here in this part of the world still is Wednesday but in other parts it’s Thursday I think.

Instead of the green England pastures we’ve golden ones. They feed the llamas, alpacas, vicuñas and every native specie in needs of pastures, near the streams of water there are green grass but I’m not sure if is a native pasture. Ichu is also used to build roofs and bridges since thousands of years ago. The downside is that you have to renovate it every three or five years; the advantage is that every three or five years people of the block or town work together to renovate the ichu in homes in what always ends like a communal party.

I tried sometimes when child to run barefoot but its contact with the skin, or perhaps just my skin, is lightly irritant so I use at least socks. The ichu grows mainly in the Peruvian and Bolivian highlands.

10 thoughts on “Morning Pride

    1. Thanks Salva, but we’re humans like the rest, we also had wars and dark spots. I’d say the history is just to tell (or did you refer to honour my word? in that case sorry that would be a badly misunderstanding from me XD)

      1. What I meant to say is that a people cannot be separated from their history. The past of a culture always leaves certain imprints on the collective soul and subconscious of a people, I dare say. And whether the old times had been good times or bad times … well, that probably depends a lot on the eye of the beholder … :)

        Beyond that, the honour mentioned above was supposed be directed at those old traditions and crafts you were talking about. :)

      2. I understand now. Of course our culture of thousands of years cannot disappear just in few years so I’m happy to share it to the people who could find it exotic from their point of views. Is just that I’m very careful to don’t express some kind of superiority or special condition in my cultural background because in these years some people in my country instead to ask for a fair treatment respect to laws are asking privileges just for born like native/highlander/peasant/etcetera.
        I admire the old tradition of German science. I’m reading an introduction to sciences (I ended physical and now I’m with Biological ones) and the number of German scientists is amazing. It would be nice to have in Peru something similar to the Planck institute and I think that truly would honour our old traditions of environmental control and genetic investigation that our ancestors had in prehispanic times.

      3. Of course, modern times are modern times; and many a behaviour has changed for the worse, very much unfortunately. We as a people of our respective nations, must find some way to make our politicians understand to become humane again …

        Very best regards,

      4. It would be nice if, in case of Peru, the problem would be just the politicians, but the problem is in our society, in the people… It seems that is easier to doesn’t study but relies in “help” from government and NGOs. Is if like people suddenly had just… give up.
        Best regards Salva,

  1. I like this type of golden grass. It fits nicely into the landscape and the clouds and sky. The colors and composition of your photo are really nice. I can imagine young Francis running in socks down the hill all illuminated by the golden light of the sun. And just that is great. Thanks for sharing. Reinhold

    1. Young Francis running fast because the dogs of the countryside :D, ha no. When we were children father took us to me and my brothers to play in the countryside, to run and make exercise. Fortunately the cold and altitude in our countryside make it quite safe, I’ve never seen snakes, rats or other dangerous animals. There are pumas but they’re afraid of people. You’re welcome and thanks for the compliment Reinhold. Greetings, Francis.

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