Gorgeous doll (detail)

Gorgeous doll (detail)

These dolls with folkloric clothes, party clothes from my city actually, are for ornamentation. I’d love they could be articulated… Perhaps I could buy a Japanese doll and dress it with the clothes of these little dancers… My child instinct yells for dolls free to play outside xD


gentil sinuosidad


I fell in love with the musical combination of Yokko Kanno and the Russian singer Origa. Compositions thrilling me. But we all die, or just leave, and we never know if when we say good bye it’s going to be said for the last time; if we’re never going to see again to the ones we love in the vigil; to end building with them a blissful pantheon in the world of our memories and the infinite universes inside our dreams. It would have been marvelous to hear to Origa, at least once; to close the eyes and unite with her in that unidimensional reality that is music. Only remains a moorland of things that neither were nor will be.

We have to accept death as a necessary part of life, that makes it brighter and special. What I regret instead is the feeling like a broken thread, a tie, with the past, with you. Suddenly everything seems so far, remote.

A farewell, forever, eternal.

Thank you.

(She sings, in this old video, here )

Black and White – B

una mancha blanca

una mancha blanca (a white spot)

After thousands of photographs I came to the conclusion that black and white photography is an art I like to see but not one I can do. I noticed that almost completely the images I processed were just for curiosity and not because a pre-visualization. So I guess this is my last long post dedicated to black and white pictures. I’ll publish more in the future but just one photograph.

do kittens dream of electric sheep

Do kittens dream of electric sheep?

another world below

another wold below

sol negro

sol negro (black sun)

long shadows

long shadows

empty bottles in a silent night

empty bottles in a silent night

drops of rain

drops of rain

And well, that’s all. Those photographs were made thanks to the Fujifilm X-E1 and the Fujinon lens 35mm F1.4. I noticed that that combo gave me great files, better than my current Sony R1; so in part as I haven’t them with me I can’t feel the desire to convert files to black and white. Another reason is that in Peru the color in advertisement and traditional clothes is quite elaborated, so it would be a pity to hide so much work negating the colors.

That doesn’t mean that I’m going never to make again another black and white pic. I modified a selfie I took some days ago with the tablet and I think it ended ok. But I don’t see myself doing a lot of them in the near future. But well, never say never ;-)


another portrait….

Let’s turn the night in day – A list of 80’s music songs

let's turn the night in day


I was a kid in 80’s but there was no much opportunity to hear music (yep, tough years) And mostly I hear music from past decade or 90’s. But I was thinking in the songs I like from 80’s. It’s personal, I guess some names could be added. Several of them I heard in 90’s or even barely this year so hearing a great part of them doesn’t transport me to that age. They aren’t ordered by preference, except perhaps the first song composed by Vangelis that I always like to hear and I’m not including songs in Spanish language because that list would be quite long.

And the winners are ta-da-da-dam:

Built to chase the sunrise

built to chase the sunrise

Intersection of sunrise and building. I thought in that moment that it looked a bit cinematographic. Now I notice that perhaps I was trying to remember the Tyrell building in which is probably my favorite film ever, Blade Runner. At the beginning when the sun is precisely reaching the bold architecture of Tyrell Corporation.

Of course is just a far evocation. Something like think in a diamond when you see a shine in a grain of sand in the concrete.

Tablet vs APS-C Camera

steps color blood

Steps color blood (Samsung Galaxy Tab P7500)

Twilight of blue, white and red

Twilight of blue, white and red (Sony R1, aps-c camera)

As I wrote the past week these comparisons are not meant to declare winners, they aren’t technical images but curiosity about the difference among the use of different cameras. If something I’ve learned is that the best is to just use one camera.

I like both images, but the first from the tablet required more edition to match what I saw with my eyes because the colors were dull, the white balance quite warm and the sky a bit washed out. There is one minute of difference between these photographs.

Which one is more closer to reality? The one with the old Sony R1. The sky had that blue, the light in the wall was soft and not harsh as the tablet version could suggest. Despite that I think the tablet version ended quite expressive.

Which one is more convenient to use? In this case the tablet was easier to use. The Sony needed a tripod (it has a bad high iso response) with little freedom to shoot. The tablet was just point and shoot. I know there is noise but I don’t see nothing wrong or bad in that.